Working from home during the Coronavirus is going to be hard. But you have two choices. You can either waste several weeks and then feel miserable about it, or you can try to make the most out of this situation and focus on your work.

…And if you are here, we think you chose the second option.

Working From Home During Coronavirus - Survival Guide

Limit the News (And How to Do It)

Working from home during coronavirus must start with limiting the news.

Naturally, it makes sense that you want to stay updated with what’s happening, but you having constant access to news is going to result in you not getting your work done.

If you currently hate your job and don’t care about getting work done, then sure, carry-on, or spend this time trying to get a new job.

…But if you care, you need to drastically remove news from your life for now.

Even at the cost of not knowing what’s happening around you.

That’s because it’s impossible to carry out work efficiently with so many emotions being created from reading the current news.

For many, the anxiety created by the media is worse than the illness.

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How to Effectively Limit the News While Still Staying Updated

Even if your willpower is strong enough not to access new websites, whether you like it or not, coronavirus is going to be on your Instagram or Facebook feed.

And that’s why it’s important to block access to both certain websites and apps.

If you just want to block certain websites, Chrome extensions such as Stay Focused will allow you to do that.

…But what most will more beneficial is apps like Freedom.

Freedom is traditionally an app that is used to blocked distracting websites and apps, but in this case, it’s a great tool for the prevention of reading news, at least, during your set work times.

The great thing about it is that it works both on computer devices and mobile devices

Simply select which apps and websites you wish to block, select the duration, and press on START SESSION.

Create a Schedule (Crucial for Working from home)

If you already work from home, you probably already have a schedule.

New to this?

Scheduling is crucial.

One of the obvious perks of working from home is that you obviously have more flexibility, but it’s super easy to decide that you are going to do work after you watch an episode of your favorite TV show, with that one episode turning into 5 episodes, and you now having double the work the next day.

Whether you choose to make a schedule in a notepad or use one of the many scheduling apps, have some form of a schedule.

What get’s scheduled gets done.

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Use the Right Extensions to Maximize Productivity

Working from home during coronavirus and overall, requires the right extensions.

A builder can get away without all the tools he or she has, but having the right tools makes work much better and faster, Right?

That’s the same with extensions.

Using the right ones will allow you to maximize productivity.

Here are our top recommendations:

1. Clockify

Clockify allows you to track your work time and how much you spent on each project. Time tracking is proven to improve productivity as we are more likely to stick to doing something when we track our work.

2. Loom

Since you aren’t by your workmates, you can’t as easily show them what’s going on. Loom is a super simple browser recorder that allows for instant sharing of what’s happening on your screen.

3. MailTag

MailTag is an email tracker, email scheduler, and a tool for automatic follow-ups.

Tracking when your emails are opened allows you to stay focused on your emails instead of worrying as to why somebody didn’t respond, and a great way for you to get insights into your emails.

When your emails aren’t opened, with the MailTag Chrome extension, you can send automatic follow-ups, and if you choose to work later on in the day due to being at home, you can easily schedule emails to be sent at a different time.

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4. Freedom

We already mentioned this extension in this post, but it’s worth mentioning again. Freedom isn’t just a great tool for blocking the news, but also all of your other distractions around such as YouTube or Netflix.

You can’t watch Netflix during worktime if it’s blocked. And that’s super important as the day goes on.

If you want to know more about these, and find out about more great add-ons for productivity, we recently published a post about 14 critical add-ons for productivity.

All of these are pretty much free or come with 2 week-trials which hopefully will be enough for you, depending on your region.

Have a Workspace

One of the hardest things about working from home (and a reason why most end up renting out co-working spaces) is that there are too many distractions at home.

Whether that’s your dog wanting to play, that coffee machine just around, or the fridge.

That makes working from home super hard.

And while overcoming the fridge issue might be super hard, that’s not the only issue with working from home.

See, our brains naturally link things together.

If you watch Netflix on your couch, when trying to work on your couch, your brain will urge you to relax and watch Netflix because that’s what it links the couch with.

The same with your bedroom.

That’s why it’s important that when working from home during coronavirus, that you have your dedicated space just for work.

That’s How to Survive Working from Home during Coronavirus

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While this post is a great starting point for you to work more effectively at home during Coronavirus, a lot of the tips on our blog, while not specifically about the Coronavirus, are about working better and faster.

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