Looking for the best Brave Browser extensions for productivity? These 7 extensions will take your productivity to the next level, allowing you to work more effectively and efficiently, while eliminating a lot of unnecessary tasks such as grammar correction, thinking about your emails being opened, or following up on emails.

1. Tab Resize

If you are here because a lot of what you do consists of being on the web browser, which is probably why you are here, this is a must-have extension.

It makes it super simple to view 2 to 4 tabs in a split-view window, meaning you don’t have to constantly switch between tabs.

Top 7 Brave Browser Extensions For Productivity

If you do a lot of research, this is where this extension comes in especially. No more constant switching between tabs.

2. Freedom

This extension frees you from distractions.


By blocking them.

This is what makes it one of the top 9 Brave Browser extensions for productivity.

Put in your schedule and what apps and the website you want to work or not work, and that’s it.

3. MailTag

Ever wondered about what happened to your email?

We all do, and well, email is one of the only forms of communication that does not give us data on it.

MailTag solves that by allowing you to track when your emails are opened, & re-opened, giving you insights into how many times your emails are opened, where they are opened, and what links are clicked on.

How Do I Track Emails (Opens, Re-Opens, Links Clicked)

If your emails aren’t opened at all, MailTag comes with a tool that allows you to send automatic follow-ups, and also overall comes with both an iOS and Android app for seeing how your emails are doing.

MailTag is also an email signature generator that allows you to create signatures in 60 seconds, with the ability to switch between them directly from your email composer, as after all, not ever signature works for every email.

Top 7 Brave Browser Extensions For Productivity

➡️Add MailTag to your Brave⬅️

4. Loom

Ever need to record an example of something whether it’s a document or an example of an issue?

Computer apps for screen recording are very resourceful. That’s where Loom comes in as an extension, that solves this issue.

What makes it great is the fact that it’s a truly collaborative tool that makes it easy for you to share your recordings with your team.

5. Grammarly

There’s not a single person out there that does not make spelling mistakes, nevermind grammar mistakes.

It’s not avoidable with the amount of content we write these days.

A great example?

Since 2018, I have written more than 10 million words.

That’s a lot of words, and when you write that much, your brain starts skipping through, with the result being that you don’t see the mistakes you made.

That’s where Grammarly comes in as an AI tool that is able to detect spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes, and that, effectively.

It also comes with other features such as tone detection that allow you to see how your message might come across.

6. The Great Suspender

This is a post about the top 9 Brave browser extensions for productivity, and while Brave isn’t as resourceful as Chrome, it still, nevertheless can be resourceful, especially if you love to rock a ton of tabs, and well, if you rock a lot of Chrome extensions.

This is where this extension comes in as a tool that makes your web browser run smoother by suspending the tabs you aren’t using, after 15 minutes, thus allowing your browser to run faster, making it easier for you to work.

7. Clockify

It’s hard to change what you don’t track because you can’t monitor what you are doing without tracking.

Clockify is an extension that allows you to track your tasks.

What does that mean for you?

  1. More likely to stick to doing a task you are meant to do when tracking.
  2. Can predict how much tasks actually take VS how much you think they will take, allowing you to plan your tasks much more effectively while eliminating unnecessary stress.

These are the Top 7 Brave Browser Extensions for Productivity

To sum up the top 7 Brave browser extensions for productivity:

  1. TabResize
  2. Freedom.
  3. MailTag.
  4. Loom.
  5. Grammarly.
  6. The Great Suspender.
  7. Clockify.
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