There’s a ton of Chrome extensions out there, but when it comes to free Chrome extensions that are worth having, the list gets a lot smaller. That’s why we compiled a list of 6 free Chrome extensions that are either 100% free or offer 100% functionality in their free version, that is worth having.

MailTag’s Email Signature Generator

If you send emails, you know email signatures are important for trust and allow you to close deals quicker.

…But a lot of email signature generators look outdated and add time to your email sending.

MailTag’s 100% free email signature generator makes it super easy for you to make modern signatures in 60-seconds, but more importantly saves you time by allowing you to switch between signatures with 2-clicks, directly from your email composer.

Top 6 Free Chrome Extensions That Will Help You Get More Done

Not every signature will work for every email, especially if you are a freelancer specializing in more than a few things, and that’s where this feature comes in so useful.

MailTag also comes with premium features, with those being email tracking. You use MailTag to track when and where your emails were opened, and re-opened, with insights into what links were clicked and much more.

The extension comes with a 14-day trial with no need for a card, so you can test it out for yourself, and after you see the impact it has on your email, then you decide yourself…

Session Buddy (One of the Best Free Chrome Extensions For Tab Lovers)

Keep a lot of tabs open?

It’s because you might need something later after you finish one task. Right?

It’s a problem faced by almost everyone.

That’s where Session Buddy comes in as a free Chrome extension that solves that issue.

It stores the tabs that are opened for you and allows you to save them for the future, making it simple to turn them off for now.

The Great Suspender

Chrome is not a great browser when it comes to resources. It takes a huge chunk of resources to run, and if that’s combined with a lot of tabs and extensions, that are constantly running, over a few hours, your computer can get super slow.

That’s where this extension comes in as a way to remove this problem by simply suspending any tab that hasn’t been used in the last 15 minutes.

Clockify (One of Our Favorite Free Chrome Extensions)

This is one of our favorite Chrome extensions because it really allows you to get more done while offering 100% free experience that is seen on some other extensions like this, that are premium.

Why is Clockify a must free Chrome extension?

  1. If you track what you are doing, you are more likely to accomplish your tasks.
  2. Tracking allows you to stick to work.
  3. Knowing how much time you spend on certain tasks will allow you to plan out your schedule far more effectively.


Hunter is an extension that is partly free, but the free version offers enough value to include it in this free Chrome extensions guide.

What does it do?

It allows you to see emails hidden within a domain of a website, meaning that you don’t have to waste time searching for the right email address to reach out to someone.

Tab Resize

Top 6 Free Chrome Extensions That Will Help You Get More Done

This is a super simple yet effective extension that allows you to resize tabs into one window.

…Instead of having to switch between several tabs all the time when doing research or working on a project, you can have them both open at the same time, in a split view.

…And sure, you can technically do that manually, but it’s not efficient, and often doesn’t work great, meanwhile, this extension makes this a two keys on a keyboard kind of process.

These Are the Top 6 Free Chrome Extensions That Will Help You Get More Done

To recap these 6 free Chrome Extensions:

  1. MailTag
  2. Session Buddy.
  3. The Great Suspender
  4. Clockify
  5. Hunter
  6. Tab Resize
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