Want to make your marketing team MMCrypto more effective? Here are the top 5 extensions for marketing teams that will help your team work faster and better.

MailTag – Manage and Track Emails Sent, Re-Opened, and Links Clicked On

How many emails per day is your team actually sending VS what they think they are sending? How effective are they at it? Do their emails get opened a lot, and do people click on the links shared?

Email traditionally doesn’t provide info on that. MailTag solves that issue as an email tracking extension with a team management section that gives you an outlook on your team.

  1. Add MailTag to your web browser.
  2. Connect your email account.
  3. In the Team Management section, invite your other team members, and oversee how they are doing.
Top 5 Extensions for  Marketing Teams MailTag email

That way, you can make the most out of your email, with your marketing team.

Apart from this feature, MailTag also comes with an ability to send automatic follow-ups if an email is not viewed, and is also an email signature generator that allows you to create modern email signatures in 60-seconds with a feature that allows you to switch between an email signature, directly from your email composer.

Grammarly (One of Our Favorite Extensions for Marketing Teams)

Grammar is vital for getting messages across. So is your tone.

…Sometimes, it’s very hard to see when mistakes are made and even harder for someone to judge their tone.

Grammarly will solve that issue in your marketing team.

It’s a tool that will see the smallest mistakes, but also that will see the bigger issues, with the structure of your sentences, and of course, that will notify you about your tone.

For instance, Grammarly predicts that this post is informative, and well, that was the intention behind it.


There are many ways to get your marketing team to work to their best potential, but to first get there and figure out what works best for everyone, everyone needs to be tracking.

And that’s where Clockify comes in as a tool that allows you to track tasks.

By tracking tasks, you will see what works and doesn’t work for your team members, and most importantly, it will allow your members to be more focused on a task when it’s being tracked, while giving insights into how much each task actually takes, allowing to plan better, meaning that your team will always get the most work possible done and that no deadlines will be missed due to underestimating the time some work took.

Cold Turkey

Clockify will allow your marketing team to work better with deadlines by predicting how much certain tasks will take, but it’s Cold Turkey that will truly prevent from distractions.

This extension app allows your team members to set a schedule in which certain apps and websites get blocked.

That’s the only way to 100% eliminate distractions during work time.

And that’s the key for marketing teams to work effectively


Not every website gives out contact information openly.

In fact, on many company websites, it’s super hard to find contact information.

That’s where Hunter comes in as an extension that allows you to find hidden emails within a website.

This will not only save time on finding emails on websites, but it will also allow your marketing team to reach the right contact, right away.

These are the top 5 Extensions for Marketing Teams

To sum up the 5 Extensions for Marketing Teams:

  1. MailTag for email tracking and automatic follow-ups.
  2. Grammarly for spelling correction and tone detection.
  3. Clockify for tracking work and predicting how much tasks take.
  4. Cold Turkey for blocking distractions.
  5. Hunter for finding emails hidden within a website.

That’s not to mention the obvious like Slack and Zoom.