People now ignore more emails than ever before, and most of us don’t know why. Perhaps we don’t know because we don’t have any insights into our emails. And that’s where the benefits of email tracking software come to the rescue.

In this quick post, we are going over the top 5 benefits of email tracking software that will not only allow you to write better emails, but that will also save you a ton of time that could be spent on something else.

1. Email Tracking Software Allows You to Stay on Track with Your Emails

One of the simplest benefits of email tracking software is that it gives you insights into how many emails you send.

It’s incredibly easy to underperform if your mind is in charge of telling you if you have done enough.

MailTag tells you how many people you emailed today, this month, but also puts it in a chart. That way, you get a clear outlook on how you are doing and if you are doing enough. MailTag also compares emails sent versus read and puts that into a chart which brings us to…

2. (More Importantly) Email Tracking Software Gives You Insight That Allows for Better Optimization of Your Emails

When you send a message on WhatsApp when someone reads it, you know. The same applies to almost every social media platform out there. 

Tiop 5 benefits of email tracking


You get absolutely no information at all.

Email is currently the only tool that we mass use for reaching people, not including standard text that does not give you any insights at all.

Email tracking software benefits people because it changes that.

With MailTag, whenever someone opens your email, you get real-time notifications that will let you know.

The same applies to the links you share.

As a result, you have data around your emails, and when you can see a clear connection between specific emails getting replies or not get getting replies, you can make changes that will have an impact.

3. You Can Also Send More Impfactful Follow-Ups

Would you send them the same follow-up to a prospect that’s looking at your email a lot and clicked on a specific link compared to someone that just didn’t see it?

We wouldn’t.

One of the benefits of email tracking is that it allows you to send the right follow-up to your prospect so that you increase the chance of a conversion.

If someone clicked on a specific link, in your follow-up, you could provide more value-based around that link. On the other side, if someone hasn’t even opened your email, you can send a follow-up tailored around that.

MailTag, in this instance, also allows you to automate your follow-up process, which will save you hours per week if you send a lot of emails.

Considering only 24% of sales emails are opened on average, if you send 20 emails per day, in a week, only 34 will be open. That’s 106 unopened emails. If you were to spend just 2 minutes per email, that’s 212 minutes or 3.5 hours per week spent on simple tasks.

With MailTag, you can automatically send follow-ups that you designed if there has been no response from the prospect so that you can spend that almost 4 hours on something else every week.

4. You Can Also Schedule Emails so That They Are Sent at the Right Time

Not all Gmail trackers and overall email trackers have this feature (nor some of the other features such as follow-ups). Still, one of the top email tracking benefits of MailTag is that it also lets you schedule emails to be sent at a specific time in a particular time zone.

Top 5 Benefits of Email Tracking Software

Why does that matter?

As research clearly shows the correlation between favorable decisions and timing. You are two-six times more likely to get a favorable decision first thing in the morning, and that’s why sending the email at the right time makes a huge difference. 

Email scheduling with MailTag also allows you to space your emails out. If you read our email about the top 5 cold emailing mistakes, then you know that you shouldn’t copy and paste, but either way, when you email a lot with similar emails, you are putting yourself at risk of being flagged as spam. By scheduling similar emails to be sent at different times, you are reducing the risk of being marked as spam.

5. The Biggest Benefit of Email Tracking

When you put together these 4 email tracking benefits together, you conclude that the most significant advantage of email tracking is that it simply saves you time.

The data that you get with tracking emails allows you to send better emails and much better follow-ups that are specific to each case. And with MailTag, you can also send your already better emails at the best time possible, while automatically following-up with those that haven’t yet viewed them.

Sounds good? Why don’t you try MailTag for Gmail tracking?

You’ll get free email tracking for 2-weeks with no card required. Just add it to your Chrome. And yes, it also works with G Suite.