Thought that just sending an email in the first place is enough? It’s better than no cold email at all, but timing plays a crucial role in your emails and their success. In this post, we go over the time of day that is best to send a cold email and why timing plays a huge role when sending a cold email.

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Why the Time of Day Plays Huge Importance for Sending Cold Emails

Imagine you sent a 10/10 cold email that is destined for success, but your cold email recipient didn’t see it because they were playing with their kids after work when you sent it, and by the time it was morning and they were looking at their email, the inbox was already full of other emails.

…This is the reality of a lot of otherwise great cold emails.

There are people out there that write much worse cold emails than you, that will get cold email clients. Simply because they send emails at the times at which people read them, but also at which they are more likely to answer favorably.

…After all, you aren’t just looking for your cold email to be opened. You want some type of result.

There are three major reasons for why not all times of the day are the best times to send a cold email:
  1. The fact people have personal lives.
  2. Mood.
  3. Timezone.

You might work at 7 PM. That doesn’t mean that whoever you are cold emailing is working at 7 PM.

They are most likely at home, with family, and they are not going to check their email.

By the time they check it in the morning, there will already be other emails there, and your email will be missed.

Of course, that’s just one of the scenarios in this instance that can happen.

The other is that somebody does check the email that you sent at a time of the day that wasn’t the best to send a cold email and that due to the timing of the email, you either don’t get a response or get a response that isn’t favorable, because of their mood.

Data shows that we make less favorable decisions before having lunch, and overall as the day progresses. And that even applies to judges.

That’s because our moods shift throughout the day.

And then there’s the issue of timezone. 

Not everyone lives where you live. Between New York and London, there’s a 5 hour time difference itself. Nevermind regions like South Korea.

If you were to send a cold email that is sent at the best time of the day to send an email, but that email isn’t sent in the timezone of your cold email recipient, then the email isn’t going to be sent at the best time.

This Time of Day Is the Best to Send a Cold Email

If you were to go through all the Google listings on the best time to send cold emails, you would get confused by the fact that every site seems to say something different on the topic of when to send a cold email.

That’s because while every site has some data on the topic, different industries result in different times of emails being opened. Certain jobs involve more email checking. Meanwhile, others involve spending time on other tasks.

People in warmer countries might go around their work differently than people in colder countries.

That’s why the data so often conflicts each other, in a world where over a billion people send and receive emails daily.

What we did instead to find out the best time of the day to send a cold email was that we compared all data points…

And we found out that the best time of day to send a cold email is in the morning. Anywhere from 6 AM to 10 AM works the best. In most articles, times often conflicted with each other. Meanwhile, the morning time was consistent throughout all articles on the topic of what time is the best to send emails.

Sending an email in the morning will drastically increase the likelihood of your email being opened. Although be aware that other factors such as subject lines also play a huge role in this, which we dived into in our pitching sales examples of how not send cold emails.

How to Effectively Send Emails at the Best Time of Day

Naturally, not everyone can or wants to wake up before 6 AM to send emails at 6 AM.

In certain cases it might not be possible to early emails even if you are awake at that time. You might be driving your kids to school or perhaps have other things going on in the morning.

So how do you combine sending your cold emails at the best time of the day without making your life difficult?

By scheduling emails.

Write your emails a day prior and schedule for them to be sent between 6 and 10 AM.

The simplest way to schedule a cold email in Gmail or G Suite? By pressing on the little arrow facing downwards to the right of the Send button.

This Time of Day is the Best to Send a Cold Email, Gmail cold email, Gmail email scheduling

However, as we already mentioned, not everyone lives in the same timezone. And that’s something that Gmail and G Suite both don’t account for, with their email scheduling tool.

And that’s where MailTag comes in for users that use Google Chrome.

MailTag is primarily an email tracker allowing you to track when people open your emails an a tool for automatic follow-ups when your emails don’t get opened. But a lot of users also use it for the purpose of advanced email scheduling.

With the MailTag extension, you can select the timezone you want your email to be sent in, right away. Just press on the clock icon at the bottom of the email and customize so that you don’t have to do the maths yourself.

This Time of Day is the Best to Send a Cold Email, Gmail cold email, Gmail email scheduling

Depending on your needs, the Gmail scheduling feature that’s hidden in plain sight might be enough. But if you send a lot of cold emails, where MailTag comes in is with its ability to tell you which emails are working and which aren’t based on how people react to them.

If your emails aren’t being opened, you either need to work on your subject lines and the intro of your email. That’s the first thing people see when they see an email.

On the other hand, if people simply open your emails and don’t respond to specific types of cold emails as much, that’s a clear indicator that perhaps you need to change something.

6-10 AM Is the Best Time of Day to Send a Cold Email

You know which time is the best time to send a cold email now and how to do it effectively.

But while sending your email at the right time will help your emails get opened, if the content of your cold email isn’t great, you still won’t get the results you want.

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