G Suite or Office 365? This is one of the most asked questions, which we are going over in this Office 365 vs G Suite battle, and frankly, it depends vastly on whether you are alone or have a team, and how you work.

Office 365 vs G Suite - Which Is Better for Your Business?

Office 365 vs G Suite Starts with Which Drive Is Better

Online storage is becoming a key component of how businesses and especially remote businesses operate making this a key feature to look at when choosing whether G Suite or Office 365 is right for you.

On one side, more people use Gmail and G Suite and thus are more familiar with Google’s drive.

Office 365 vs G Suite

…On the other side, if you rock a Windows device, One Drive from Microsoft is already integrated into your system.

Ultimately we all want the most storage though, right?

This is where this Office 365 vs G Suite battle gets a bit more complicated.

Most guides on the topic of whether to get Office 365 or G Suite will tell you that G Suite is a better deal because if you get the Enterprise version for $25, you get unlimited storage. But that only applies if more than 5 accounts are on that account.

For smaller business owners that only need one or two accounts, that option does not make sense.

On the other hand, while Office 365 is limited to 1TB on storage on all accounts, it starts at 1TB right away which makes the $6 package a much better deal than that of Google that comes at 30GB for $6, if you are only looking for storage.

Office 365 vs G Suite - Which Is Better for Your Business?

…With that said, if you get a $12 Business package with G suite, that will also give you 1TB of storage while providing you a better package than the quite limited $6 Business Essentials package from Microsoft that doesn’t even include Microsft To Do.

G Suite Offers More Extensions

What sets G Suite apart from Office 365 is how open the Google platform is.

Ultimately it’s not just about the tools the platform offers, but the tools that work with the platform, and Google has a huge advantage here.

Of course, that’s not to say that Outlook and Office 365 has no extensions as a lot of the 14 top productivity extensions we mentioned in the past that aren’t related to email will work with it.

But if you are looking to get the most out of your account, G Suite does have that huge advantage as far as extensions.

G Suite Allows You to Know When and Where Your Emails Were Opened?

We mentioned that G Suite has incredible support for extensions, and this is where that comes in.

One of the most useful features of using G Suite is that you can know when and where people open your emails meaning that instead of spending time debating over why someone didn’t reply to your email, you will know right away.

This is where the MailTag extension that’s exclusive to Gmail and G Suite, comes in.

MailTag is the most advanced email tracker available allowing you to:

  • 1. Know when your emails are opened in real-time. ?
  • 2. See which links are being clicked on in your emails. ?️
  • 3. Send automatic follow-ups if your email is not opened. ?
  • 4. Know what locations your emails are being opened in.?
  • 5. Get insights into how your emails are performing allowing you to write better emails based on the data. ?
  • 6. Stop worrying about what happened to your email and focus on other tasks.?

...But why not try out all the benefits for yourself with a 14-day trial of MailTag?

This is how it looks…

Gmail Tricks and Tips - Make Your Gmail Better notifcation on real time email opens

…And this is how it works:

Simply download it from the Chrome Store, and start tracking.

Word vs Docs

This is probably the decider for most.

2 years ago anyone would have said that Word is the better option. In 2020? It’s not as simple as that anymore.

Office 365 vs G Suite - Which Is Better for Your Business?

Firstly, the biggest difference with these platforms is how they operate.

Google Docs is primarily online-based, even though you can also enable offline editing if you enable it before you go offline, meanwhile, Word is an app that does also come with a simpler online version.

Both of these offer features such as the ability for others to edit at the same time, but perhaps where Google Docs gets ahead is that any user with Gmail can easily connect, making Docs a far more friendly platform to work on.

With that said, Microsoft Word is by far the most powerful word processor with much more advanced features than that of Google.

A lot of it really goes down to preference though.

Do you want easy editing between the recipient or are you looking for more advanced tools?

That will depend entirely on your business.

Other Office 365 and G Suite tools

Just like with the Docs and Word, which of the other tools are the most useful to you will depend on your exact needs.

If you work alone, Excel is a winner for spreadsheets, except, it’s not when you don’t. Excel outshines Sheets when it comes to templates and advanced features.

And this applies to every single app that’s offered which is why we’ll just sum them up right now.

Microsoft Office offers much more advanced apps, meanwhile, Google offers the best apps for collaboration.

And then there are questions such as do you prefer to use Skype or are you fine with Google Hangouts?

An app or a website?

Which is better in terms of that, it depends on your needs.

Gmail vs Outlook

While Google G Suite comes with the well-known Gmail, Google Docs comes with Outlook.

And while we’ve seen some guides state that Outlook is a better option as it’s more advanced, that is not the reality.

How to Automate Sending Emails & Email Follow-Ups (To Increase Opens & Replies in 2020)

Gmail as it is, is a much simpler tool than Outlook. But it comes with incredible hidden features that make it an incredible tool for sending emails. Features such as scheduling of emails, undo-ing emails, and auto-suggestion are all there, and then there’s the already mentioned extensions that work with Gmail that don’t necessarily work with Outlook.

Office 365 vs G Suite – Which Is More Worth It?

If you are looking for the best emailing experience, whether it’s G Suite or Gmail, Google is your best bet.

There’s a ton of hidden features, and extensions such as MailTag allow you to take your emailing experience to the next level.

The same applies if you are looking to collaborate with other people.

With that said, Office 365 does offer a better deal as far as storage unless you are going for over 5 users, and many will say that Office tools are much more superior to the ones of Google. And that’s because they are.

But if you are going to be working with others, that’s something to focus on.

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