No reply to your email? If these 3 steps don’t get you a reply, nothing will.

How to Automate Sending Emails & Email Follow-Ups (To Increase Opens & Replies in 2020)

STEP 1: Figure Out If Your Email Was Even Opened

It’s very easy to go into the “they thought my email was bad. Oh well, let me move on.”

Don’t do it.

No Reply on Email

…But if there’s anything we know about emails, is that if someone isn’t replying, in almost most cases, they didn’t see the email.

Regardless of what email and what follow-up you write, if someone doesn’t see your email, they won’t reply. That’s why the first step to getting a reply is to know what is happening with your email.

Is your email being opened, but you aren’t getting a reply, or is this a case that someone never opened your email? This is where the MailTag Chrome extension comes in as a tool that allows you to track when and where your emails are opened.

➡️Add MailTag to Chrome. ⬅️

STEP 2: Sending a Follow-Up

Know that your email is not opened by using MailTag?


…But to fix the no reply on email issue, knowing is not enough.

And this is where email follow-ups come in.

Follow-ups are the simplest way for you to get a reply.

If somebody doesn’t see your email, send another, and the likelihood is that they will see it then.

You have a few options about how you can go about it. You can send a follow-up in your initial email, or you can send a follow-up in a separate email.

We do have a few guides on the topic of follow-ups to write the most effective follow-up, but as long as your first email is solid, once somebody opens up your follow-up, that’s enough.

Send a lot of emails? MailTag apart from being able to track emails is also a tool that can be used for sending automatic follow-ups when emails are not opened.

If your email is being opened and you aren’t getting a reply, that’s a much bigger issue though.

In this case, write a follow-up, but also think about customizing it. Perhaps it’s a great option to check out some of your MailTag data. See if any links were clicked, and if they were, focus on them in your follow-up.

And if that doesn’t work, your recipient is either not interested, you emailed someone that was never going to convert, or your email wasn’t good enough, most likely meaning it was copy and paste.

STEP 3: The Most Important Thing to Do If Your Email Is Never Opened

If you email and email follow-up is not opened, the most important thing to do is to send a follow-up on a different platform.

That’s because you won’t reach someone on their email if their email isn’t used, is full, has a lot of emails, or your email is ending up in their spam.

That’s why it’s also so important to do utilize more than just one platform when seeking a reply.

Platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram.

Never put your eggs in one basket. Email is super effective, but it won’t always be the most effective. It depends entirely on your recipient and how they go about their platforms.

That’s How to Fix the No Reply Issue on Email

No reply to your emails? First, see it, then follow-up, and if that doesn’t work, change the platform.

That’s a guaranteed way to fix the no reply issue on email.