While one won’t see Safari on a Windows any time soon, the Microsoft Edge on Mac is a thing. And with the new Microsoft Edge Chromium update, the Edge might be a browser that Apple doesn’t want you to use, that perhaps you should use.

Microsoft Edge on Mac Review - Is Edge Chromium Worth a Try?


1. Microsoft Edge on a Mac Brings the Most Extensions Possible to Any Web Browser

One major issue with the Safari browser is the lack of extensions it offers.

Sure, it does offer some extensions, so we can’t say there’s nothing there at all, but the options are mostly limited to ad blockers, and while that’s great, if you are looking for extensions like MailTag, to track when and where your emails are opened, so you can have a peace of mind when sending of emails + data, that’s at this time, not yet possible on Safari.

→ Add MailTag to Chrome

Microsoft Edge Chromium on macOS, from that perspective, is a big win for you and your productivity since it supports all Chrome extensions.

And ultimately that’s a reason or why the Chrome browsers are so popular in the first place. As they support extensions that allow people to get more out of browsers.

Safari Is Better Optimized for MacOS Devices Than Microsoft Edge Chromium

This is not a surprise.

Apple apps are the best optimized, on Apple devices.

The Safari browser renders pages better and works more smoothly on the macOS than the Edge Chromium does. It’s also more battery efficient.

…With that said, if you for instance, currently rock the Google Chrome browser, if you were to switch to Edge Chromium, you would notice a significant increase in performance.

That’s because the Google Chrome browser is incredibly power-hungry.

And if you care about the extensions, that might be a reason to convert to Edge Chromium over Google Chrome.

Edge Chromium Can Do All That Safari Can

If you search for why people like the Safari browser, you will come to the conclusion that it’s for reasons that aren’t unique to Safari.

You can also sync bookmarks, passwords, and history, between different devices on the Edge Chromium. In fact, on the Chromium, you can even sync between Google Chrome. And, unlike Safari, Edge Chromium is supported everywhere. Not to mention that while Chromium is open source, Safari isn’t.

Edge Chromium? It does look similar to Safari. It’s not as simple as it is a more advanced browser, but if you are looking to get more out of your browser because that’s where you spend most of your time, the Edge Chromium on Mac, overall does everything Safari does, but also much more, that Safari won’t ever do.

Edge Brings Privacy

Let’s be clear.

Apple does a great job at making their users feel secure.

Safari is a great browser for safety.

Chrome? It isn’t.

What Microsoft did with the Edge Chromium though, is that it made it much safer than Chrome, with much simpler privacy policies, and safety features that allow us to do something about tracking.

Microsoft Edge on Mac Brings Some Super Useful Features to Mac

Microsoft Edge Chromium brings some unique features such as an ability to create an app out of a website, or a much nicer and useful way to bookmark and save websites for later, with Collections.

Meanwhile, Read Aloud is a great text reader.

You get your dark mode, but you perhaps most importantly, get more options to customize the browser which isn’t really an option on Safari.

Microsoft Edge on Mac – The Only Other Browser to Consider on MacOS Devices

Yep, we said it.

To sum up this Microsoft Edge on Mac review, this is the only other browser to consider.

The things Apple does great are a reason for why many will stick will Safari forever. But if you are reading this Microsoft Edge on Mac guide, then you are probably looking for alternatives, because you know that you aren’t getting the most out of Safari.

…And other options such as Google Chrome or Firefox just don’t deliver on macOS devices.

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