Google Chrome is hands down the most popular web browser on the planet, but the recent Microsoft Edge Chromium update changes everything.

And by everything, we mean EVERYTHING.

But is Microsoft Edge Chromium better than Google Chrome or is it just a nice copy?

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Microsoft Edge Chromium Doesn’t Come with Offline Google Docs

If your work consists of a lot of Google Docs and you also move around without the internet quite a bit, then right away Microsoft Edge Chromium might now be the right option for you as it doesn’t support Google Docs Offline.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Review - Better than Google Chrome?

If you don’t use Google Docs, this is probably something you don’t care about, but if you do, that’s perhaps the decider, even if you don’t want to use Chrome.

Of course, Microsoft does have its Office 365 package though which comes with alternatives to Google Docs.

Edge Gives You an Extra “Edge” as Far as Speed

Microsoft Edge Chromium Doesn’t Come with Offline Google Docs

It’s a super power-hungry browser.

While the Edge is powered by the same engine as Chromium, it’s a big improvement over Chrome as far as speed.

Microsoft Edge takes several hundreds of MB RAM less when carrying out the same tasks with the same extensions installed. If you rock 30-60 tabs at any time, this will make a huge difference.

Perhaps that has to do with the fact that it’s better optimized for Windows since Windows is developed by Microsoft.

That’s not to say that there’s no way to make Chrome faster. Extensions such as The Great Suspender suspend background tabs making Chrome much faster.

Edge Now Has Extensions

If there’s anything that Google Chrome does a great job at, it’s extensions.

Nobody was able to beat Google at the fact that there’s a ton of super useful extensions for Chrome.

If you can’t beat them, join them.

Since Microsoft Edge is now powered by Chromium, it supports Chrome extensions.

And that makes the browser much more powerful than anything else out there.

There’s not a browser that matches Google Chrome for work as far as extensions go.

If Chrome was the worst browser on the market whether that’s for work or not, it would still beat others because of its extensions support.

Now, we aren’t so sure…

For instance, now you can get MailTag on your Microsft Edge Chromium meaning that you can track when and where your emails are opened from your Microsoft Edge for the first time ever.

That also means that you can send automatic follow-ups if your emails are not opened.

Want to try it out on your Microsft Edge Chromium? Download it from the Chrome Store and start tracking from the next email you send.

Microsoft Edge is Almost Identical

Microsft Edge is almost identical to Google Chrome, and while that’s not often a good thing, in this case, it actually might be a good thing.

Chrome? We already love its look and are used to it.

Microsft Edge packs all the features that we’ve come to love with Chrome with that familiar look making a transition super easy as we don’t even notice we aren’t on Chrome.

But then there are some extra features that Microsft Edge Chromium packs.

The already mentioned speed aspect for instance.

If you get the Edge, you are essentially getting an upgraded version of Chrome that’s much faster.

But not only is the Edge faster, but it also offers better privacy laws than Google.

And by better, we mean much better!

They are super simple and allow you to take control of privacy when you visit sites.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Review - Better than Google Chrome?

And that’s just the beginning. We can expect Edge to grow with features as time goes on.

And that’s super exciting as it means that Google need to take action.

Chrome or Edge in 2020?

If you don’t need Google Docs Offline, Edge is a super compelling option.

But of course, we do recommend you keep your Google search engine. Bing is fine, but it’s no Google.

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