Thinking of switching to Edge and looking for Microsoft Edge best features to get convinced? There are a few significant ones that put it ahead of Google Chrome and of other browsers.

And it starts with….

Privacy (Microsoft Edge’s Best Feature)

Google Chrome has privacy options that don’t make much sense. They are hard to understand, and if they are hard to understand, it’s hard to know what you are getting.

That’s why when talking about Microsoft Edge best features, privacy needs to be mentioned.

Microsoft created privacy settings that are easy to understand and offer options that people are comfortable with.

You can choose from basic, balanced, and strict tracking prevention, and can with ease see what is being tracked and what isn’t.

Microsoft Edge Best Features, privacy

Microsoft Edge is Much Faster Than Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser known for its high RAM demands.

Edge Chromium? It solves them.

Now, of course, if you open 80 tabs, your computer will feel that, but during even lighter usage, you can see several hundred of RAM less, used.

And that can make a huge difference!

You Still Get Chrome Extensions

What really put Google Chrome on the map are the extensions.

Extensions make your work life better and faster, and thus they are a vital part of many lives.

…That’s why people stick with Chrome, even if it’s not as fast as other web browsers.

Micrsoft Edge is based on Chromium, the same engine that Chrome is built on, and that means, Chrome extensions are supported.

…Whether you install them from Microsoft’s Edge store, or whether you go to the Google Chrome store.

And that means that you still get access to extensions such as MailTag that allow you to track when and where your emails were opened, what links were clicked on, while also allowing you to send automatic follow-ups if your email is not opened.

Not to mention that MailTag also is a email signature generator.

➡️ Add MailTag to your Chrome/Edge⬅️

The Mobile App is Better

Browsing is not all about the desktop experience. It’s also about your phone, where naturally you spend a lot of itme.

The Edge browser offers better usability, but also slightly faster performance and loading times, while still providing that sync between devices.

Want to install Chrome extensions on your Android phone? We made a guide on it in the past.

Edge Offers Some New Useful Features

Features like “Think Aloud” that read text for you, or collections which are a better versions of your standard bookmarks are just some of the useful features that Edge offers.

Edge Syncs With Chrome

Since Edge is based on Chromium, many aspect, while differing in the UI, are the same.

…And that also applies to this aspect.

If you connect your account to Edge, you will have all the bookmarks and extensions that you did on a Chrome, meaning you don’t need to re-install and import everything, again.

Those are Microsoft Edge Best Features

Microsoft Edge keeps everything that people love Chrome for, but makes it faster and more private.

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