If you’ve been hearing about Microsoft Edge Chromium lately, you are probably wondering whether is the Microsoft Edge download worthy.

Is Microsoft Edge Chromium Download Worthy, Edge Chromium

Well…here are 5 things to consider when considering getting the new Microsoft Edge Chromium.

1. Microsoft Edge Chromium Makes Privacy Simpler Than Chrome

One thing that’s been a big debate in the last few years is Chrome and the very poor and complicated privacy settings.

It’s hard to understand what each setting does and doesn’t do, and the browser itself doesn’t do much for your privacy in the first place.

Is Microsoft Edge Chromium Download Worthy? Microsoft Edge Chromium Safety Features

One big element that makes the Microsoft Edge Chromium download worthy is the fact that Microsoft did something about privacy, providing you with greater safety options such as with the ability to block tracking, while at the same time explaining privacy options in a way that is considerably easier to understand.

2. It comes with Chrome Extensions

Whether it be Safari or Firefox, one thing that every other web browser that isn’t Chrome misses is the Chrome extensions.

Whether you need an extension to make your audio lauder when watching a TV show on your laptop or whether you need extensions for productivity, Chrome extensions are great, and if you can’t use them, you aren’t able to get the most out of your web browser.

You can’t track when and where people open your emails with MailTag on your Safari browsers. You can’t automatically send follow-ups if your emails aren’t opened. You can do that with Microsoft Edge Chromium.

→ Add MailTag to Chrome

Extensions are a major reason behind why people choose Chrome, even when it isn’t the fastest nor the safest.

That’s why Microsoft making this move is such a big win because now there’s a comfort in switching.

…And since we mentioned speed, let’s talk about speed.

3. Microsft Edge Chromium is Drastically Faster

Chrome is known to be a power-hungry browser.

That wasn’t always the case, but as the browser developed, it got more and more complex, eventually resulting in a power-hungry browser that sometimes takes more resources than editing software like Adobe Premiere.

And if you love to rock a ton of tabs at the same time, or run a browser while rocking other software at the same time, you know, at times it can be annoying, even when your device is already great.

And that’s what makes the Microsoft Edge Chromium download worthy.

…If you currently have an older device, it will handle Microsoft Edge much better. If your device is relatively new, but you just have high expectations and do a lot, Edge will also handle that, much better.

And by better, we mean, sometimes several GB of RAM used less when dealing with situations that require over 20 tabs. And yes, there’s also a significant decrease in CPU usage.

4. Productivity Features That Other Browsers Lack

Microsoft Edge Chromium is based on Chromium, and that brings all the great things about the Chromium engine to the browser. But Microsoft worked on their own features, and added them to this browser.

Collections is a much more advanced and useful version of bookmarks. You can create apps that can be pinned to your desktop, out of websites, and that’s just a few, in theory, simple, yet super useful features that the Edge Chromium brings.

5. It’s Very Similar to Google Chrome

Most people love Chrome. They don’t love the privacy issues nor the slower speeds, but overall, they love Google Chrome.

And that’s one of the main reasons why Microsoft Edge Chromium is download worthy.

It’s almost the same. But much better.

Most things that are copied aren’t great.

Edge Chromium? It might be Microsoft’s best move as far as web browsers, ever made.

Is Microsoft Edge Chromium Download Worthy?

In our Microsoft Edge Chromium Review, we mentioned that there are advantages to having Google Chrome. For instance, offline Google Docs are exclusive to Chrome.

…But if you are looking for speed and more security, while getting to keep your Chrome extensions, then for you, the Microsoft Edge is download worthy.

Did you know that it’s not only on Chrome that you can download Chrome extensions on, though?

You can also do it on Android phones which we have a guide on. You are welcome!?

Is Microsoft Edge Chromium Download Worthy?
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