Want to track when an email is opened in Gmail and G Suite, to know what happens to your emails after you send them?

Would you like to see when and where your emails are opened, but also what links are clicked on? And to then get advanced insights into those emails, so that you can send more effective emails faster?

In this guide, we are showing you how easy it is to track when an email is opened.

How to Track When an Email is Opened in Gmail

And yes, this method will also work on Android phones and tablets! ✅?

How to Track When an Email Is Opened in Gmail & G Suite

Right now, Gmail as it is does not give you the ability to track anything about when your email is opened.

Will that ever change? Probably not.

It would be too controversial for Gmail to do it.

The solution? To use email tracking extensions such as MailTag.

This is where MailTag comes in as an email tracking Chrome extension that allows you to know when and where your emails are opened.

Simply add it in your Chrome Store, connect your Gmail to a 14-day free trial with no need for a card, and get the most out of your emails.

→ Add MailTag to Chrome 

If you want to:

  • See what people are doing with your emails – Tracking email opens/where emails are opened/what links are clicked on ?️
  • Track scheduled emails.
  • Send automatic follow-ups if your emails isn’t opened.
  • Get advanced insights into your emails.

…Then MailTag is for you.

→ Add MailTag to Chrome 

How does email tracking work?

In most cases, a pixel is hidden within a message, and when your recipient opens your email, that pixel then allows for tracking to happen, giving you data on what your recipient does.

That then gets inputted into the MailTag dashboard, giving you insights into your emails.

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Track When an Email is Opened on Android devices

One of the most common issues with email tracking is the lack of support of phones.

…Especially since Google Chrome on mobile devices doesn’t support Chrome extensions.

The solution to track when an email is opened on Android devices?

To get the Kiwi Browser that supports Chrome extensions on Android devices.

If you have that, you will be able to install Chrome extensions on your Android device exactly like on the Chrome browser, and thus will be able to track when an email is opened with MailTag.

The catch?

That even when Kiwi is opened in a full desktop mode, it won’t display Gmail in its full desktop mode, and that’s crucial if you want to use MailTag.

The solution? Open Gmail with: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2#inbox

And just like that, you will be able to track emails on Android devices.

Other great Chrome extensions will also work with this, although it’s important to note that not all extensions will work great on phones.

Have an iPhone? MailTag recently released an iOS version of MailTag.

Is Email Tracking Ethical?

Wondering about the ethics of email tracking?

If MailTag wasn’t ethical, it wouldn’t be in the Chrome Store.

MailTag doesn’t have any access to the context of your emails. It’s merely able to identify when a link is clicked, or when an email is opened, and the IP address of where that email is opened.

That’s How to Track Email Opens

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