Want to track opened emails in Gmail? We don’t blame you. We too like to know what happens after we send an email.

Why waste time on wondering about what happened to your email if you could know right away, right?

How to Track Opened Emails in Gmail

Unfortunately, email clients whether it’s Gmail or not don’t allow you to track email opens. They most likely never will.

It would be a super controversial move by Google if it would let you track emails on Gmail.

But there is a super simple and convenient way to track email opens. And in this guide, we’ll share both how to track email opens, but also how to use the data you get from tracking them, to your advantage so it’s a bit more useful than simply knowing “this person read my email.”

What’s Needed to Track Opened Emails in Gmail

  1. Google Chrome.
  2. Gmail or G Suite account.

Google Chrome has one major flaw. It’s super hungry for power.

We do however love its Chrome Store and for the add-ons, it comes with, such as that we mentioned in our 14 top productivity add-ons post.

Frankly, without the Chrome add-ons, most users that rock Chrome probably wouldn’t rock Chrome.

But this is where the Chrome Store comes in with the extensions that will allow you to track opened emails in Gmail.

And this is where MailTag comes in as an email tracker extension.

How to Track Opened Emails in Gmail

To get started with email tracking, you will first need to download MailTag from the Google Chrome Store, followed by connecting your MailTag account.

When you do that, you will see two little icons on the bottom of the email composer. One is for enabling email tracking, and another is for PINGs which is a feature that allows you to send automatic follow-ups if your email is not opened.

Once MailTag is enabled and you send an email, you will be notified in real-time whenever that email is opened.

…And if your email isn’t opened, you can send automatic follow-ups.

With MailTag you also get a beautiful dashboard.

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And if you click on Inbox in your dashboard, followed by the email of your choice, and then on Details, you will also see where your email was opened, what links were clicked on, and how many times an email was re-opened.

Why MailTag?

It comes with some features that other email trackers lack.

  1. A beautiful dashboard.
  2. Location tracking.
  3. PINGs

But why don’t you just try it out for yourself? You can get a 14-day trial with a click of a button. No card required.

3 Tips to Make the Most out of Tracking Opened Emails in Gmail

Knowing when someone opened your email is great, but if you use that data, it will help you write emails faster and better.

1. Use the Data to Write Better Emails

47% of emails are now opened based on the subject line. It’s one of the most crucial aspects of an email, yet one of the most simple ones, which is why most never spend any time on it.

Mail tracking will help you see that certain subject lines get more opens, and thus allow you to send emails with subject lines that are more likely to be opened.

2. Better Follow-Ups

Most of the time your emails aren’t opened simply because they are missed.

That’s because people receive a ton of emails, and well, we also got our lives going on.

With MailTag you can send automatic follow-ups to emails that are never seen and then can write your customized follow-ups for emails that are seen.

3. Peace of Mind

There’s nothing quite as consuming as worrying about what happened.

And these worries create huge anxiety for millions daily.

Why hasn’t someone read my email? What did I say wrong? Why are they taking so long to reply?

…Most of the time, they just never saw your email. With mail tracking, you will know right away and thus won’t need to worry.

That’s How to Track Email Opens in Gmail

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