Want to track links in email signatures so that you can see what links your recipients are clicking on, allowing you to know what’s of the most importance, and what you should focus on more?

Even though Gmail doesn’t currently give you tracking details on your emails, it’s relatively simple to do. ⬇️

How to Track Links in Email Signatures

How to Track Links in Email Signatures

Traditionally, the reason behind why you can’t track links in email signatures mostly goes down to the fact that most email signature creators are simple templates that you cope and paste.

There’s no integration meaning it’s super hard to get any data.

And this is where MailTag comes in.

If you use MailTag’s 100% free email signature creator with MailTag’s email tracking, then whenever you send emails in the future, you will be able to track links in email signatures.


As while email as it is doesn’t provide any options to track emails, and neither do standard copy and paste signatures created outside of Gmail or G Suite, MailTag is directly integrated with Gmail and is primarily an email tracker.

That means that when you combine MailTag’s email signature tool and enable email tracking, you will now be able to track what links are clicked on.

  1. Add MailTag to your web browser.
  2. Connect it to your email account.
  3. Click on the MailTag icon on the top-right and click on Signatures and then Add Signatures.

Now you will need to create your email signature.

Creating an Email Signature to Track Your Email Signature

MailTag’s email signature generator is 100% free, and always will be.

And it’s super simple to create a professional email signature with it in 60-seconds.

It starts with your profile picture.

How to Track Links in Email Signatures

Choose a picture up to 1MB, and select the size and shape of your choice.

Next, come the details such as your name, positions, and website.

Then you choose your colors, followed by the socials.

Lastly, it’s about selecting the template of your choice and saving your email signature under whichever name you want.

How to Track Links in Email Signatures

When you have that done, due to MailTag’s integration, you will see a signatures button in the composer of your message. Click on it and select the signature you want to be included with your email.

…And with MailTag’s email tracking features, you will be able to track links in your email signatures.

…But you will also be able to know when people open your email in the first place. And when they re-open, giving you rich data into your emails.

That’s How Track Links in Email Signatures

Want to take your email to the next level?

MailTag will take you there.

Tracking links in email signatures is great, but with it you can also track links in your entire email message.

On top of that, you can:

  • Know where people open your emails.
  • Get data on your email open-rate, allowing you to spot patterns around your emails to then increase your email open & reply rate.

MailTag also allows you to send automatic follow-ups if your emails aren’t opened.

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