Want to track emails on a phone? One of the biggest limits of email tracking is that while it helps many get more sales or to simply write better emails, it doesn’t work on phones, meaning you can’t always track emails.

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But if you always wanted to track emails on your phone, there is a way to track emails on a phone or your tablet, and the best thing about it? It consists of just 2 main steps.

Why You Can’t Currently Track Emails on a Phone

What’s currently preventing you from tracking emails on your phone is the fact that email tracking tools are an extension on Google Chrome.

It’s not quite as simple to turn a Gmail extension that relies a lot on Google, into a standalone app. Especially since your Email needs to be involved in this process.

Mobile Google Chrome?

It’s a great browser, but even though it’s great, it doesn’t rock browser extensions.

That’s perhaps the biggest issue of mobile browsers.

And that means that you can’t get email tracking extensions like MailTag on it.

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Even though phones at this point are powerful enough to rock full browsers.

…Although then again, no computer out there is powerful enough to fully rock Chrome without any issues at all.

However, because Google’s Chromium browser engine is supported so widely, there is actually a way to track emails on your phone in 2-steps.

Here’s What You Need to Do to Track Emails on a Phone

What you will need is the right web browser and the right browser settings.

The browser? It’s called Kiwi Browser.

Kiwi Browser?

It’s a Chromium-based browser which in many ways is similar to Chrome due to its nature, but that differs vastly compared to other mobile extensions.


As it allows you to install extensions on your phone.

If you download the Kiwi Browser from your Play Store, and go to the Chrome store on your phone followed by searching for MailTag in the Chrome Store, you will see MailTag install.

Is that it then?

Not quite.

If you try to open up Gmail, you will see that while the MailTag extension is installed, that Gmail isn’t opening in a way that it opens on computer devices.

That’s because Gmail, regardless of whether you enable a desktop site or not, won’t open in the full desktop mode which is the key for MailTag to work.

We did some digging and found a solution.

What is it?

Go into: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2#inbox

Typing in this link will open the full Gmail on your phone.

When you open up your Gmail using this method, make sure to now bookmark this link so you can go into your Gmail correctly with ease in the future.

And now, when you start to compose a message and press on the grid icon, you will see the MailTag icons appear. Right away, if MailTag is enabled, those will be set to track emails.

From now, you will be able to track emails on your phone with MailTag just like you would on your computer device.

Why does this work? As any Chromium browser is able to use Chrome Extensions.The Kiwi Browser? Unlike others, they’ve made those extensions possible on phone devices.

And the best thing about this trick? That with it, you can also use many other great extensions such as these 14 crucial add-ons for productivity.

The Benefits and Limitations of Tracking Emails on Your Phone

The biggest benefit of being able to track emails on a phone?

That you finally don’t have to go to your laptop to send an email that you want to track.

With this hack, you’ll be able to know when and where people open your emails, track your scheduled emails, and yes, even will be able to set automatic follow-ups to be sent.

  1. Be able to send tracked emails anywhere. ✅
  2. Send better emails from your phone.✅
  3. Stop worrying about what happened to your email after you pressed on SEND.✅

One major limitation of tracking emails on your phone?

That you will need to use a desktop site of Gmail, which for obvious reasons, isn’t as convenient as it could be.

But it’s a small price to pay for the convenience of being able to send a tracked email from a phone, right?