You send an email you really want someone to answer… A day goes past, a week goes past, and you start to invent things in your mind, right? …That perhaps your email sucked or that somebody doesn’t like you. But that’s the thing. You don’t know because, by default, you are not able to track a Gmail email.

You are just assuming, and as you know, as humans, we tend to always assume the worst.

Gmail or G Suite, nobody every put an email tracking option by default, and nobody probably will. It’s a too controversial topic for Google to implement.

Yet, for those in sales, freelancers, marketers, bloggers, and everyone else that emails a lot, email tracking, is of the most beneficial tools out there, after email itself.

How to Track a Gmail Email (Top Benefits of Email Tracking)

In this ultimate guide to how to track a Gmail email, we go over some of the top benefits of email tracking, and of course, over how to track emails in the first place.

Top Benefits of Email Tracking Software

Email tracking software obviously allows you to see when someone opened or didn’t open your email.

How to Track a Gmail Email (Top Benefits of Email Tracking)

The question is whether email tracking data is useful or whether it’s just cool to have.

That depends entirely on what you do with the data.

Here are our top benefits that just knowing if your email has been opened can provide:

1. Email Tracking Can Prevent You from Overthinking.

This is a very strange benefit and one that isn’t mentioned in other guides on how to track Gmail emails, but that one that applies to most that send emails

Think about the last time someone didn’t reply to you, especially if you really wanted a response from them. You will start to wonder what the issue is. You might invent issues that don’t exist while, in reality, your email could have simply not yet been read. If you track a Gmail email, it will give you the peace of mind that nobody has read your email, if nobody has.

2. It Allows You to Fix Bad Emails and Subject Lines.

With email tracking, at least you know if your email is being ignored.

…And if you know that, instead of overthinking, you can take action.

If emails with certain subject lines aren’t being opened, that’s a direct indicator that you should change your subject line.

If they are being opened but not getting a reply, perhaps you need to change up how you write your emails, which you’ll find plenty of information on, on Google, or otherwise, on our blog.

3. Email Tracking Also Allows You to Know When You Follow-Up.

You send an email, get no response, and move on?

That’s not how you do it.

Sometimes people will reply to you after one email. Other times, it will take you numerous attempts. On average, it takes 4 no’s to get a yes which is why it’s so important to follow-up

Think about it.

Whether you are reaching out to a CEO or a marketing director, we all have problems, whether it’s health problems, family problems, or something as simple as a coffee express breaking at home and trying to fix it.

How to Track a Gmail Email

Tracking a Gmail email is relatively simple.

You will need Google Chrome, though, as it’s the most add-on friendly browser on the market and provide you with the tools that are needed to track a Gmail email.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. On the right-upper part of this blog, you should see a MailTag banner. That will take you to the Chrome Store, or just otherwise click on the link in this post.
  2. Let MailTag install on your device.
  3. Next up, you will need to activate your MailTag account.
  4. When you have activated it, you will see 3 new icons when composing a Gmail. The first one has to do with email tracking being enabled for the message you are sending. If you want to disable it for a specific message, just click on it.

And that’s pretty much it. Email tracking is relatively easy.

You just need the right tool.

And MailTag? It’s not just a tool for email tracking. It also allows you to automatically follow-up on emails that didn’t get opened, just like it allows you to schedule emails which is already a hidden feature in Gmail, but MailTag takes it to the next level with the ability to adjust the timezone when scheduling an email so that you don’t need to do the maths.

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And did we say that you can try it out completely free without a need for a card for 2 weeks?