Gmail has many great features, but without a doubt is missing one thing. Data. As it is, right now, you can’t tell if someone opened your email in Gmail. Something that almost every messenger on the planet will tell you.

How to Tell if Someone Opened Your Email in Gmail

Why is that? It’s because if Gmail allowed you tell if someone opened your email, it would cause huge controversy.

And not because email tracking is bad, but because Google has been known to beach privacy of users, just as any other big company in the tech world.

What Google does instead is that it allows others to find options to make more out of their Gmail, and they don’t get in the way of that.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to see if someone opened your email, but also what to do if they didn’t so that they do. ??⬇️

How to Tell if Someone Opened Your Email in Gmail

To tell if someone opened your email in Gmail, you are going to need to track it.

How to Tell if Someone Opened Your Email in Gmail

That means that this method won’t work on any previous emails that you send without this method in this past.

With the exception of emails sent in the same thread. For instance, if you send an email within a previous conversation, you will be able to then track when that overall thread is opened, allowing you to track previous emails, in that way.

How do you track emails if Gmail doesn’t offer this function?

By firstly having either the Google Chrome or the Microsoft Edge browser, as they support Chrome extensions, and then, by getting the MailTag Chrome extension.

  1. Add MailTag to your Chrome.
  2. Connect your Gmail.
  3. Send an email with MailTag enabled.
  4. Get notified when your recipient opens your email.

What exactly does MailTag provide you with?

  1. An ability to have a peace of mind knowing if someone opened your email in Gmail. (Works with G Suite too)
  2. Knowing when and where your emails are opened.
  3. Being able to see what links people click on, in your emails.
  4. Advanced insights into your emails that allow you to write better emails, faster.
  5. Ability to track scheduled emails.

…And much more, with new features being always added.

Try MailTag by Adding it to Your Browser

That’s because MailTag isn’t just an email tracker. It’s a tool that allows you to get the most out of your email.

How to Send an Automatic Follow-Up If Someone Didn’t Open Your Email

Your email wasn’t opened?

Follow-ups are the key.

We say this all the time on our blog.

That’s because regardless of how great your email was and how experienced you are, people will miss your emails.

There’s no way to avoid that.

People have families, projects, and life events, that result in them missing emails. And that’s regardless of what steps you take.

…But if there’s any step that will ensure that someone opens your email, it’s following-up.

If someone doesn’t see your email right away, if you follow-up, they’ll see it the next time.

Of course, following-up is time-consuming, which is where MailTag comes in again.

With MailTag you already know when emails aren’t opened, but MailTag also comes with a PINGS feature that allows you to send automatic follow-ups, if your email isn’t opened.

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Open up the MailTag dashboard and go to: PINGS ➡️PINGS SEQUENCES ➡️ EDIT SEQUENCE.

There you can edit your follow-up messages.

Once you’ve done that, in the email composer, you’ll see an icon to the right of the MailTag icon. Click on it and select the sequence of your choice.

…And if your email is opened but you don’t get a reply, this is where you can write a customized follow-up. In events where people don’t see your email, that’s where automatic follow-ups save you time and are enough, because it’s just about getting your recipient, to see your email, in the first place.


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