Want to know how to set a signature in Gmail? How about also tracking when that email is opened and what links are clicked on, in that signature? While also being able to switch which signature you use, in the space of 2 clicks?

That’s what we will show in you in this guide on how to set an email signature in Gmail, in 3-steps.

Step 1: Getting the Right Plugin to Set Signatures in Gmail

To create incredible signatures in Gmail, in the space of 60-seconds, while being able to track when your emails are opened and what links are clicked on, you are going to need to first get MailTag in the Chrome Store.

  1. Add MailTag to your web browser.
  2. Connect your Gmail Account to MailTag.

MailTag’s email signature generator is completely free, forever.

…Meaning you can make great signatures that built trust right away.

MailTag’s email and link tracking, while a part of the same extension, is a separate service though, and that does come at a monthly/yearly package, but you can try those features out for 14-days with no need for a card.

Step 2: Setting Your Signature in Gmail

Once you have MailTag connected to your Chrome in Gmail, you will see a MailTag icon on the top-right of your Gmail.

  • Click on it, followed by pressing on Signatures.
  • Next, click on Add Signature and you will be taken to the email signature generator.

And now comes the fun part, creating your signature for Gmail.

First, let’s explain the dashboard.

On the right of the screen, you will see a live preview. That’s where all the changes you make will be seen live.

At the bottom of that, there’s a button to save the signature, but also two arrows. Those allow you to change the UI of your email signature.

Going back to the start, at the left, you first start with a profile picture.

This profile picture should consist of only you, and ideally should be big.

MailTag’s email signature generator comes with an option to upload pictures up to 1MB, with options to make the picture bigger and to change the shape of it.

Once you have that done, this is where you provide your basic, but super important details, such as your name, position, and company.

Don’t want to include something? Click with your mouse, and then click on backspace to remove it.

After you fill in your basic info, then come the colors. Our recommendation? Blue. It’s proven to be the most effective. But if you are a college student, you might benefit from having a signature with the color of your team, so that’s why we have a wide range of color options.

….Lastly, here’s where social media comes in.

Super important to provide because people trust those that provide that info right away.

…Otherwise, what do you have to hide, right?

…and when you have done that, you are set to set a signature in Gmail.

That’s How to Set a Signature in Gmail (in an Effective Way)

Standard Gmail signatures work, but they don’t work effectively.

This method? It allows you to create signatures, but to also switch between them right from your email composer, and when combined with MailTag’s email tracking abilities, allows you to know when and where your emails are opened.

Oh, and if you hate text, we have also created a video on this topic in the past.

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