Want to send incredible cold emails faster in Gmail? These quite simple to apply tricks will allow you to 10x the speed of your cold emails.

How to Send Incredible Cold Emails Faster in Gmail

Go About How You Email Differently

Find an email address. Write an email. Send.


Except, that’s not the most effective approach if you want to send incredible cold emails faster in Gmail.

This approach doesn’t allow you to be fully focused on a given task.

What can you do instead?

First, find all the people you will contact during the day. (Best to be done the night before.)

…Then, once you have collected who you are contacting, collect information on these people.

Done that? Now, you can send your emails. All at once.

Doing the same type of task will allow you to far more effective at that task.

Activate Gmail’s Best Tools

Gmail has a ton of incredible hidden tools that will help you send incredible cold emails faster in Gmail.

Most people never go through settings of their Gmail, and thus never discover them.

What are the best ones?

  1. Smart Compose – Allows Gmail to predict your writing based on data from other emails. This speeds up the process of writing emails.
  2. Merging emails – If you send emails from several accounts, you can send them all from one account.
  3. Scheduling Emails – Allows you to send your emails at the best time possible.

Track Your Emails (Don’t Miss This If You Want to Send Cold Emails Faster)

Ever find yourself wasting time debating over what happened to your email after you sent it?

What if you could spend that time on sending incredible cold emails faster?

That’s where MailTag comes in.

How to Send Incredible Cold Emails Faster in Gmail

If you have data on what happens to your emails, you are able to see what can be done better.

MailTag is an email tracker that allows you to see that.

Stop wasting time on thinking about what happens, and instead use data to make your emails as effective as possible.

→ Add MailTag to Chrome 

And if you know someone isn’t opening your email, MailTag will allow you to send an automatic follow-up.

Have Chrome Extensions on your Phone/Tablet

The majority of emails worldwide are sent from phones, yet, if you look at a mobile browser/Gmail experience, laptops and mobile devices are in a completely different world.

On a phone, you can’t write your Gmail while at the same time being able to track what happens to it to have that peace of mind plus data on your email. You can’t use Grammarly to discover if your tone is right.

That means that every time you are on the go, whether going somewhere or returning home, that you are not using your Gmail to its full abilities.

However, it is possible to install Chrome extensions on both a tablet and a phone.

Utilize Grammarly

Grammarly will autocorrect your emails allowing you to send them much quicker, without mistakes.

However, that’s not why we are mentioning it in this post.

See, Grammarly recently added a feature that allows you to write in the tone you are looking to write in, in a specific email.

In your Gmail, when composing a message, where a Grammarly icon is, you will now see an emoji that shows you what your text showcases.

If you want to take this even further, if you open up the Grammarly app, you can set your writing goals, and based on those Grammarly will offer suggestions.

Track Your Time

How much time do you think you spend on sending cold emails VS how much time you actually spend on it?

One thing that all humans are incredible at? Overestimating.

We often think we do way more than we actually do.

And this is where tracking comes in.

MailTag will allow you to see clear data on how many emails you are actually sending, meanwhile time tracking extensions like Clockify will allow you to see how much time you are spending on each task.

Does having an extension that tracks time mean that you will have an accurate look on time? Not specifically.

…But it will help you with sticking to cold emailing when you are meant to do it.

Have the Right Extensions

We already mentioned extensions like MailTag and Grammarly, but there are more than a few extensions worth trying.

Cold Turkey? It will block apps and websites that you don’t want to use when sending cold emails.

Hunter will find email addresses hidden within a site.

Text Expander will allow you to turn shortcuts into whatever you want, to somewhat automate the process of sending emails.

That’s How to Send Incredible Cold Emails Faster

Want to send cold emails faster? These tips will help with that.

…But then there’s the aspect of “incredible,” and for that, we recommend our post on 7 sins of cold emailing.

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