Want to send emails later in Gmail? There’s a ton of benefits to doing so. In this guide, we will show you how to send emails later in Gmail, but also how to track when those emails are opened so you can monitor the performance of your emails and know what works better, allowing you to send the best emails possible in the future.

Schedule emails

How to Send Emails Later in Gmail

Firstly open up your email and start to compose your email.

Once you’ve finished writing the email and inputted your recipient, to the right of SEND, you will see a small little arrow point down.

Click on it and press on Schedule send.

Right now, Gmail will show you a few options as far sending goes.

How to Send Emails Later in Gmail

If you press on Pick date & time, you will now also be given an option to fully customize what day and time your email is sent at.

How to Send Emails Later in Gmail

Once you are happy with the date, click on Schedule send, and your email will be moved to a Scheduled label.

Now, once the time comes for your email to be sent, Gmail will send it.

Made a mistake? They happen. And there’s a way to fix it.

Click on the Scheduled label and select on the email that is meant to be sent later in Gmail.

How to Send Emails Later in Gmail

You’ll see an option to cancel. Select it and now your scheduled email will be right back in your draft mode.

When you fix it, select to schedule it again.

Now, let’s talk about how to track your scheduled emails.

How to Track Emails That you Send Later in Gmail

Tracking of emails? Whether it’s emails you want to send later in Gmail or emails you want to send now, will help you get more out of your emails, and that’s whether you do freelancing, run a biz, or simply are reaching out for a new home, pfft, somebody even once used it to catch a wife cheating.

Traditionally emailing doesn’t give you any data at all.

Email tracking extensions change that.

And this is where MailTag comes in as a tool that allows you to track emails you send right now, but also when you send emails later in Gmail or G Suite.

If you want to 10x whatever you are doing in Gmail, having data about how many times your emails are opened, where they are opened, and what links are clicked on, is crucial.

How do you track scheduled emails?

Add MailTag to Chrome → Enable it → Schedule your Email → Wait until your email is opened.

And if your email isn’t opened? You can use MailTag’s automatic follow-up tool.

When you send emails later in Gmail + use MailTag, you can maximize on sending the emails at the perfect time, without missing out on data around your emails.

  • Worry less about what is happening to your email.✅
  • Know what is working.✅
  • Send your email at the perfect time. ✅

BONUS TIP: Remember that not everyone is in the same timezone as you, so sending a scheduled email in for the morning which is where emails have a huge open rate, isn’t necessarily going to be effective with all of your recipents.

That’s How to Send Emails Later in Gmail

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