Did you ever delay responding to an email until tomorrow, with that tomorrow turning into a week, a month, and eventually several months? We’ve done it, and if you are here, we guess you’ve probably done it too. That’s why we made this crucial guide on how to respond to emails more effectively in your Gmail inbox.

With this guide, you’ll be able to either spend less time sending more emails, or you’ll be able to devote the time you saved on something else.

How to Respond to Emails More Effectively in Your Gmail Inbox

Create Labels

Without order, there is chaos.

The root of your email responding issues effectively goes down to the fact there’s no order in your emails.

This is not something that’s often thought about considering that you cannot really predict when you will receive an email.

Gmail and G Suite, however, make it super easy to organize emails.

On the left side-bar of your Gmail, scroll down until you get to the Create New Label section.

How to Respond to Emails More Effectively in Your Gmail Inbox, Gmail Lables, labels,

Now give your new label a name.

There’s a few ways you can go around labels, but here’s an example of 3 labels that will allow you to respond your emails more effectively:

  1. To Reply – ASAP
  2. Clients
  3. To Reply – Requires more Time

Once you’ve done that, select all the emails that your label applies to, press on the label icon, and select the label for the emails you have selected, and those will now be a part of that label.

Depending on your workflow, the ideal label for you will differ, but either way, labels are a fantastic way to set order into emails. With them, you’ll know what to do right away.

We also recommend you make a label for the emails you replied to so that you can always keep these labels organized, as otherwise, they will not end up being as effective for your emailing as they could be.

A simple trick to make labels more visually appealing? By adding colors. On the left corner of the screen, press on the 3 dots beside your label, followed by pressing on Label Color.

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Just Do It!!! (Most Crucial to Respond to Emails More Effectively)

Just do it, send more effective emails

We get your logics! We thought just like you once upon a time, but there are only two scenarios that can happen.

  1. You delay sending an email until tomorrow. On repeat, until your prospect, loses interest, or finds someone for whatever you could have offered.
  2. You send an email that’s perhaps not perfect, but that gets to the recipient giving them the opportunity to act.

Success in emailing often doesn’t come from the perfect email. It comes just from sending an email in the first place.

Stop delaying. Start sending.

And if you are worried that your current emails actually aren’t good enough, then perhaps read out guide on 5 simple mistakes your need to stop making, and then, execute.

Whatever you do, do not leave the email you are meant to send until tomorrow!!!

Know How Your Recipents Engage with Your Emails

One of the biggest issues with Gmail and email clients overall is that you don’t know what happens after you send an email.

Not only does that make you less effective due to the fact you are probably overthinking about whether you said something wrong in an email you’ve sent previously, but it’s not great for organization purposes as it doesn’t allow you to classify your recipents.

Here’s the main issue with not tracking emails:

  • You can’t classify recipents based on how likely they are to say “yes” to you based on how much they opened your emails.

By knowing how your recipents engaged with your email initially, whether they clicked on your link, or opened your email quite a bit versus someone that didn’t really engage with your email much, you are able to label certain email recipents as more important to email.

That way, you can focus on emails that are more likely to matter.

And this is where our Google Chrome extension MailTag comes in as an email tracking tool that allows you to get insights that can allow you to organize your emails better.

This especially plays a huge role when it comes to responding more effectively to follow-ups.

With MailTag, if your emails simply weren’t opened, you can automatically send a follow-up. Meanwhile, if they are being opened, depending on the frequency and click rate, you will know which to focus on first.

That’s How to Respond to Emails More Effectively in Your Gmail Inbox

Were you expecting more tips?

As far as responding to emails more effectively goes, most of it goes down to just doing it.

If you procrastinate replying to an email today, you are making your life even harder the next day, often resulting in a cycle of procrastination that can slow you down by months. JUST DO IT NOW!

Stop reading other articles and start responding to your emails. It will make a huge difference for you!

And when you do that, that’s when the labels and the use of MailTag come in.

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