You probably know the standard method of making email signatures in Gmail. You probably also know that email signatures are a must, yet most of the people that use them either use outdated signatures or spend a lot of time making them.

How to Make Email Signatures in Gmail (More Effective Method)

In this quick guide, you’ll learn how to make email signatures in Gmail, but also signatures that are effective, and that you can create in 60-seconds.

Oh, and you’ll also be able to track when these emails get opened.

How to Create Email Signatures in Gmail

There are many ways to create email signatures. That you probably know as you probably also checked out other guides on this topic.

…But if you want to create the best-looking email signatures in 60-seconds, here’s what to do:

  1. Add the MailTag extension to your Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge browser.
  2. Connect your Gmail account with MailTag.
  3. Click on the MailTag icon on the top-right of your Gmail that should appear if you have the MailTag extension in your email account, and click on Email Signatures followed by Add a Signature.

Right away, you’ll see a Live Preview tab on the right, and two little arrows underneath that will allow you to switch between different templates.

How to Make Email Signatures in Gmail (More Effective Method)

But…Let’s start with your picture.

You have a 1MB Picture size limit so that you can upload a high-res picture of yourself, with vast customization options ranging from size to shape.

How to Make Email Signatures in Gmail (More Effective Method)

PRO PHOTO TIP: When selecting a picture, it’s important that you choose a picture of just YOU, but even more importantly that focuses on your face. Nobody cares about where you went or how awesome your muscles are. THEY NEED TO SEE YOUR FACE.

After you put in a picture profile, you’ll see options underneath.

Your name, company name, position, and other vital components of email signatures.

Next come the colors.

MailTag’s email signature tool offers you a wide range of options, but we do recommend you stick with blue for the best results.

How‌ ‌to‌ Create‌ ‌Email‌ ‌Signatures in 60-Seconds‌ ‌

When you have that done, then comes the social media.

Not everyone will want to input their Instagram, but if you read our post on email signatures examples, then you know that there are a lot of benefits associated with email signatures.

PRO TIP: If you want a platform to be displayed over another, simply move your mouse to the left of the screen, and drag the platform.

Done all that?

Lastly, put in the name of your signature and save it followed by opening your Gmail.

With MailTag enabled, press on the icon second to the left in your composer, and select the signature that you want to send.

The great thing about MailTag’s email signature generator apart from the fact it’s 100% free, forever?

  1. They will allow you to easily switch between email signatures in Gmail.
  2. When combined with MailTag’s email tracking, you will be able to track when and where your emails are opened, but also what links are clicked on. Giving you HUGE data about your emails.
  3. Unlike with most signature generators, there’s no need for copy and paste.

Want to know/have:

  • When your emails are opened? ✅
  • What links are clicked on in your email signatures and emails?✅
  • Where your emails are opened? ✅
  • Advanced insights about your emails? ✅
  • To send automatic follow-ups if your emails aren’t opened? ✅

This is what MailTag will allow you to do with Gmail.

But you’ll discover all of that, and much more when you give MailTag a try.

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