Want to make Chrome faster? You aren’t the only one that will read this article today. Chrome is a great web browser with many features, but those features come at a price. The price of speed, and terrible RAM usage.

…But just like with any problem, there’s always someone trying to find the solution. And well, we found all the great solutions that others came up with and compiled them below. ⬇️

Restart Your Computer

This might sound like the most obvious tip, but it isn’t, because nobody turns off their computers anymore.

Our laptops get put into “sleep mode” several times per day, but they are never turned off or restarted.

…And that means a lot of different processes such as an extension you turned on a few days ago, are in place, slowly making your device slower and slower.

Eliminate the Tabs

Want to make Chrome faster? Uneccesary tabs need to go.

…But it’s hard.

(The writer of this blog post is rocking 30+ tabs as he is writing this.)

How to Make Chrome Faster in 4-Steps

Naturally, we don’t want to abandon what we are doing, even if it’s not useful right now, and well, this is where Chrome’s extensions come in.

Specifcally 2 of them:

  • Session Buddy.
  • The Great Suspender.

The Great Suspender will supsend the tabs you aren’t currently using, keeping them, but frozen, so that your RAM usage is freed up.

Session Buddy? It saves your tabs in a list, making it super easy to come back to the tabs you want to use.

Don’t Use Google Chrome

This might sound weird, but you do not need Google Chrome to use Chrome.

How to Make Chrome Faster in 4-Steps

That’s because Chromium, the engine that Chrome is built on, is open-source, and that means that there are alternatives that are almost identical, but that can sometimes also pack extra features, and more speed.

The best Google Chrome alternative by far? Microsoft Edge Chromium. In many ways it’s almost identical to Chrome, but the Edge has an edge when it comes to speed with a much lower RAM consumption, and also offers much more privacy options.

Combine Chromium with the other tips we mentioned, and you got yourself the fastest web browser experience you can get on the internet.

Get Extensions That Make You Faster

The beauty of the Chromium web browsers? If taken full advantage of, they allow you to work faster, and ultimately that’s what it’s about. Being able to be faster.

That’s where extensions like MailTag come in. With MailTag you are able to create email signatures in 60-seconds, and then to switch between with just 2-clicks.

You are also able to track when and where your emails are opened, and what links are clicked on, to write more effective emails, and worry less about whether your emails are opened or not.

And that’s the kind of things that make Chrome faster.

That’s How to Make Chrome Faster

Want to take your work to the next level?

Get MailTag from the Chrome Store, apply the tips shared in this guide, but how about also reading our guide about 9 ways to make your home a productivity hub during coronavirus?


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