Want to know how to install Chrome extensions on Opera? Of course you do because it doesn’t matter how great a web browser is, if it doesn’t have extensions that help you get things done quicker and better.

Opera is a great web browser for many reasons, but without Chrome extensions, for many, it’s not a browser worth using.

How to Install Chrome Extensions on Opera

Unlike on the Microsoft Edge Chromium which right away supports Chrome extensions, on Opera there is a few more steps required.

  1. Download your Opera web browser.
  2. Go to addons.opera.com
  3. Serach for an extension called Install Chrome Extensions.
  4. Download it.
  5. Once it’s enanabled, go to Google Chrome Store, and download all your favorite extensions like you would on your Chrome.
How to Install Chrome Extensions on Opera, Chrome Extensions

That means that you can install MailTag on your opera, and then can track where and when your emails get opened, re-opened, and what links in those emails get clicked on.

…And of course, you can then also use MailTag’s newest addition to the extension, the email signatures generator which allows you to switch between signatures directly from your email composer.

➡️Add MailTag to your web browser⬅️

Why Opera is Worth Using

The biggest advantage of Opera over almost all web browsers?

How much longer you can work, on the go.

Sure, Google Chrome will give you offline Google Docs, but what Opera gives is a far greater battery life.

That’s because Opera optimized the browser for a battery saving mode. Something that the power hungry Chrome didn’t do.

That means you can work much longer when on the go, with the Opera browser.

But that’s not it.

Opera has a built-in ad blocker to prevent unwanted ads from popping-up, and even comes with a built-in VPN.

As far as the VPN, don’t expect to be able to unblock geo-blocked streaming services, but you can, have greater privacy with a changed IP address.

Benefits of Using MailTag in Opera

Did you ever wonder about what happened to your email and actually wasted time thinking about it? You aren’t the only one. MailTag solves that issue.

With MailTag enabled, next time you send an email, you will know when someone opens it, and then when someone re-opens it.

You will also know the location each of these emails were opened giving you insights into where your recipient is, and whether they are forwarding your email to someone else.

See that somebody didn’t open your email? That’s where MailTag’s automatic follow-up tool comes as a way to increase your open rate.

And…of course, MailTag brings advanced insights to help you see whether you are emailing enough and how your emails are doing.

How Do I Track Emails (Opens, Re-Opens, Links Clicked), How to Install Chrome Extensions on Opera

…On the go? There’s also an Android and iOS app for checking the status of your emails.

But that’s not all….

MailTag now also comes with a 100% forever free, email signature generator that allows you to create modern signatures in 60-seconds.

With MailTag enabled, click on on the MailTag icon on the top-right of the screen followed by pressing on Signatures. Now, press to create a new signature, and well, now the fun part.

MailTag’s signature generator offers many options for customization. You can select from many different signature designs, select the shape and size of your profile picture, while also being able to choose the color of the design, and the info that you want to provide.

And once you are finished creating your signature, simply save it, and in your email composer, click on the second icon from the left, and select the signature of your choice.

That’s How to Install Chrome Extensions on Opera

That’s how to install Chrome extensions on Opera, why Opera is such a great web browser, but also how to make the most out of your emails, with MailTag.

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