People will tell you that phones and tablets are replacing computers. That’s a false statement. A phone can’t replace a computer if you can’t install Chrome extensions on a phone.

How to Install Chrome Extensions on a Phone, Chrome extensions mobile

It’s as simple as that.

Did you ever find yourself doing something on a phone and went like “Ah, ?, I wish I had this extension right now”? Right?

Apps are great, but if you can’t have a full browser experience using extensions that help you do things faster and better, a phone isn’t replacing the computer.

Especially if you spend your typical workday on a web browser.

We love tracking emails to know when they are opened, but can’t do that with phones as it is.

That’s we don’t believe in full phone or tablet work. (yet.)

One place a phone lacks a lot is the web browser. Phone web browsers just aren’t great. They are too simple.

…But it actually is possible to install Google Chrome extensions on a phone, and yes, that even includes our MailTag extension, meaning that you can at last, even track when your emails get opened, when you send your emails from a phone.

How to Install Chrome Extensions on a Phone

And the best part? That it’s actually quite easy to do.

But first…

Why Phones Don’t Support Chrome Extensions Right Away

You might be wondering why phones don’t support Chrome extensions right way, and the quick answer?

We actually don’t know.

Power-wise, of course, Chrome isn’t a nice browser, but since both the mobile and desktop browsers are built on the same engine, then the mobile Chrome should, in theory, support extensions.

Yet it doesn’t. At least not officially.

Why may that be?

It most likely goes down to the fact that a lot of the extensions are already separate apps in the app store, and due to the fact developers would need to do quite a bit of customization to make extensions mobile friendly.

But then again, tablets are more like laptops, and they also do not come with Chrome extensions.

That doesn’t matter though.

Here’s how to…

Get Chrome Extensions on Your Phone

To get Chrome extensions on your phone you are going to need to get a Chromium-based browser that supports extensions.

Yes, it’s actually that simple.

The name of such a browser? Kiwi.

The Kiwi Browser supports extensions on mobile devices.

You simply go to the Chrome Store and download the extensions you want to use.

How to Install Chrome Extensions on a Phone

It sounds super simple, and well it is.

And like already mentioned, MailTag also works with this method.

What does that mean? That you can at last track when and where your emails are opened, directly on the emails you send from your phone allowing you to close more sales or get better replies, while not on your laptop.

Not sure about MailTag?

Here’s how it works.

But why not find out about it yourself? Just download it from the Chrome Store whether on your phone or computer and then track your emails so that you can know what people do with them.

Add MailTag to Chrome 

As far as MailTag goes on phones though, due to the fact that Gmail never opens in the full-desktop mode on phones, to make it open in the full desktop mode, you will need to enter Gmail with the right link every single time:

Our recommendation? Bookmark it.

Should you Install Chrome Extensions on a Phone?

Wondering about whether you should install Chrome extensions on a phone? If you are looking to track emails, absolutely.

If you are looking to access the browser extensions you usually use on a computer, while o a phone, then absolutely.

Are Chrome Extensions on a phone worth using it? They for sure aren’t as perfect as on a computer, but for the convince they bring, absolutely.