Struggling getting email recipents to open? Do you want to improve your email open rate average?

How to Improve Email Open Rate Average

There are 3 factors that matter:

1: Subject Line.

2: Start of your Email.

3. The Email you use.

Be solid at these, and you will improve your email open rate average.

But who cares about improving your email open rate if you don’t get more replies or clicks, right?

That’s why we’ll cover how to improve your email open rate average in 3-steps while also covering how to get email replies.

Improve Your Email Open Rate Average With:

1. Subject Line.

If you want to improve your email open rate average, this is the MOST IMPORTANT factor to look at.

Regardless of how great your email is, people see the subject line first, and if it sucks, people won’t open your emails.

In fact, 33% of email recipents open emails based on the subject line.

A great subject line? 

It’s simple and gets to the point.

There’s no magic formula other than getting to the point and letting your recipient know what you want.

A subject line such as “5 minutes of your time” is a great example of what not to do. 

Don’t sell, clickbait, sound spammy, or write anything that you wouldn’t be keen on opening yourself.

Just specify exactly what you want in your subject line.
For more information on subject lines, make sure to check out our Cold Email Subject Lines That Will Get Your Emails Opened.

2. Your Email Start.

Every time you receive an email, a subject line shows up, but you also get a sneak peek into the first sentence or two.

How you start it doesn’t matter as much as your subject line, but there’s one thing that you must never use that so many people use:

  • Dear sir/madam.

It shows that you didn’t spend your time researching your recipient meaning that the email is not directed at them. For most, instant trash.

Instead, try to right away name your prospect. If it takes you 5 minutes extra to locate someone’s name, take that 5 minutes extra because it might make all the difference.

…Especially if your prospect daily copy and pasted emails per day that are of no value at all.

If you make your email look like it’s another one of those, you are decreasing the chances of your email being opened.

3. The Email.

Non-professional emails sound spammy.


  1. Numbers.
  2. Random words.
  3. Underscores.

If you have a professional email such as (name)@(name + second name).com, it automatically makes you look like you are more credible. 

And it’s very easy to get one. Just buy a domain (if you don’t already have one) and use G Suite by Google, and you’ll still have the Gmail experience.

How Do You Know If Your Emails Are Getting Opened?

By using MailTag. MailTag is a real-time tracker that notifies you when people open your email, how many times they open it, and what they click on.

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You can try it out by adding it to your Google Chrome whether by pressing a link here or clicking on the Mailtag banner on the right of the screen if on a computer.

How to Improve Your Email Replies Rate

Ultimately the goal is to either get more replies or to get more clicks on your links in your email, right?

Let’s face it; someone opening your email means nothing if it doesn’t produce any results.

If you want a reply, you need to fix your emails.

We cover this in a lot of detail from the perspective of what to do and not to do on our blog, but we’ll share some tips on how to fix your email to get you started:

1. Don’t send copy and paste emails.

It’s time-consuming to customize emails, but if you don’t do it, you are decreasing the likelihood of getting a reply because people hate reading copied and pasted emails.

How to Improve Email Open Rate Average, copy and paste emails

There’s nothing worse than reading an email that is clearly not directed at you. No matter what you do, take your time to customize the email so it looks like it’s directed at your recipient exclusively.

2. Keep it short.

Why should someone that’s busy running their business spend their limited time reading your essay?

They don’t know you, so don’t expect them to spend time reading your long essay.

…Especially when the day of most CEO’s tends to look like:

How to Improve Email Open Rate Average

What you can do instead is to go through your email, and to make sure that every part of it is relevant and get to the point right away so that your recipient knows exactly what you want as quick as possible.

And if your emails are longer than 300 words, cut them down.

3. Follow up.

People will miss your emails regardless of how great you make them.

That could be because they get a lot of emails, because you send an email at a poor time, or because they are dealing with something right now.

Whether you use MailTag to follow up automatically, or whether you choose to follow up yourself, following up will vastly increase the chances of your email being opened.

That’s How to Increase Open Rate and How to Get More Email Replies

Found this useful? You’ll find us dive into many of the topics mentioned in this guide, but in more depth, on our blog.