Want to get Chrome extensions on Opera? Of course, you do because it doesn’t matter how great a web browser if it doesn’t have the right extensions.

That’s why today we’ll show you how to get Chrome extensions like MailTag which is an email signature generator, and a tool for tracking when and where emails are opened and re-opened.

And Opera? It is a great web browser with some neat features such as battery life-saving mode and a built-in VPN.

…Our favorite? Of course the battery life-saving mode. Chrome is too resourceful and easily kills battery life. On the go, that’s where an Opera web browser can come in.

How to Get Chrome Extensions on Opera

Unlike on the Microsoft Edge Chromium which right away supports Chrome extensions, on Opera, there is an extra step required.

How to Get Chrome Extensions on Opera
  1. Go to addons.opera.com
  2. Search for an extension called Install Chrome Extensions.
  3. Download it.
  4. Once it’s enabled, go to Google Chrome Store, and download all your favorite extensions like you would on your Chrome.

That means that you can install MailTag on your Opera, and then can track where and when your emails get opened, re-opened, and what links in those emails get clicked on.

Never heard of MailTag?

MailTag is a Chrome extension with a primary function of tracking when emails are opened and reopened. Whether its the location, the links clicked, or how many times the email is opened.

  1. Install the MailTag add-on.
  2. Connect with your email account.

….And now you will be able to see insights on every email you sent.

Every time your email is opened and re-opened, you will know in real-time. You will know what links are clicked on in your email, and the location the emails are opened on.

…That data can then be viewed as insights with charts to help you see how your emails are doing.

MailTag is also now launching a team management tool that will allow you to look at how your team is doing, to make sure they are the most efficient at sending their emails.

…But that only scratches the surface of what MailTag can do.

It’s also a 100% free email signature generator that will allow you to create modern-looking signatures in 60-seconds, but most importantly allows you to switch between your email signatures directly from your email composer.

How to Get Chrome Extensions on Opera

…As not every email signature works for everything.

Yes, there’s more. If your emails are not opened, you can send automatic follow-ups to make sure they get opened.

That’s How To Get Chrome Extensions on Opera

Thinking of switching to Opera?

It’s a great web browser, rocking a unique look, while at the same time, supporting Chrome extensions with the right extensions, and coming with the already mentioned features such as the great battery life-saving mode for work on the go, and the built-in VPN for added privacy.

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