Want to find the location with IP Address to know where someone opened your email? There are two ways to do it, and the one that people tend to recommend isn’t really time-efficient nor effective as far as location tracking.

In this guide, we go over why the standard IP address location with emails doesn’t work well, the better, safer, and faster way to do it, the limitations, and of course, the ethics of it.

How to Find the Location with IP Address - Simple Email Location Tracking

The Issue with the “Find the Location with IP Address” Approach

Here’s how the standard way of tracking email location works:

  1. You open up your Gmail.
  2. You press on the 3 dots on the top-right corner of your email.
  3. Press Show Original.

When you do that, you’ll see that your email actually isn’t just plain text and that there’s a ton to it under the hood.

With the standard version, you would now need to go to the right site, and then would need to copy the header (part of email before your actual email stats) and then paste that in which would result in the website providing you with the location of an email.

The issue with finding the location of an email with an IP address like that?

  1. Most clients such as Gmail don’t provide the location of the recipient in the header, but of the server of Gmail. That can sometimes result in the email looking like it’s sent from a different part of the world. And at times, there’s no data at all.
  2. This method, while not too time consuming, if done quite a lot, will take up time that could be spent on something else.
  3. Services that analyze the location of emails via headers are getting data for free from you. And they can sell it as many free websites do. Not great for the confidentiality of emails.

Super Simple Way of Doing Email Location Tracking

This method will only work if you use G Suite or Gmail but will allow you to track any email regardless of the recipents client.

What’s needed?

A Google Chrome extension called MailTag.

How to Find the Location with IP Address - Simple Email Location Tracking

Most people don’t use MailTag for this feature as they use it for things such as tracking when an email was opened, scheduling, and automatic follow-ups, but MailTag does also allow for location tracking of emails.

With this method:

  1. You know the accurate location of the recipient right away & you don’t have to do any manual work.
  2. You aren’t giving any data away to a website. MailTag does not have access to the content of your emails. If it did, it would not be in the Chrome Store.

To prove our point, we sent out an email to a recipient we know is in Switzerland.

The standard method got us this:

In our recent location tracking post we showed an example where it did actually find the location, but that location was wrong.

This method?

How to Find the Location with IP Address, location finder email, email, gmail location tracing

So how exactly do you apply it?

  1. Download MailTag in the Chrome Store. (Don’t worry, it comes with a 14-day trial without a need for a card.)
  2. Once MailTag is enabled, you will see 3 new icons at the bottom of your email.

If the first icon is blue, that means MailTag email and location tracking in Gmail is turned on.

Now just send your email and then press on the MailTag logo on the upper side of your email followed by pressing on Dashboard.

Press on inbox, followed by pressing on Details, which should appear as you drag your mouse over an email.

There you will be shown a location your recipient opened an email when then open it.

The Limitations of Trying to Find the Location with an IP Address

All technology has some limitations, and in this case, it’s the fact that IP addresses can be changed, and based on that, what might look like where someone is, might not actually be where someone is.

That due to VPN services.

We are mentioning this as it’s good to know, but it’s also, however, good to know that most people only have VPN services turned on when accessing a blocked site, or otherwise when in a country with censorship.

Is This Ethical?

Email location tracking can be both ethical and not.

It depends on how you go about it.

Free websites need to make money in some way. When you copy data into their site. They collect it and can sell it.

MailTag isn’t able to sell your data as it doesn’t have access to your data.

As far as the ethic of tracking someone’s emails goes, don’t you know when someone opens your message on Instagram?

That’s How to Find the Location with IP Address

Email location tracking isn’t hard.

Just download the extension, and it does it automatically for you.

But MailTag is about far more than just tracking location…