Creating professional email signatures goes down to 2 things. You need the right tool for the creation of email signatures, and you need to do them right.

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How to Create Professional Email Signatures

There are many ways around it, some work better than others, but if you want to create email signatures that will impress, you will want to start by adding MailTag’s add-on to your web browser, whether that’s the Chrome or the Microsoft Edge Chromium.

MailTag’s email signature tool is 100% free, forever and it will allow you to design effective email signatures in 60-seconds, both due to the ease of setting up, but also because of MailTag’s direct integration with Gmail and G Suite, meaning that when you save a signature, you have access to it right away.

How to Create Professional Email Signatures
  1. Add MailTag to your web browser.
  2. Connect your email account with MailTag.
  3. Press on the MailTag icon, and go to the signature creator.

The Profile Picture (People Make the Biggest Mistake Here)

If your profile picture doesn’t show who you are, then there’s no point in it.

Your picture needs to be a close up of you, and not of your body and some nice background.

And it needs to be of only YOU!!!! Two people in a profile picture create MASSIVE confusion! ???

With MailTag’s email signature creator, you have the option to select between the shape of the picture, but also have a slider to control the size. And you can upload a 1MB picture meaning high quality.

How to Create Professional Email Signatures

The Details (Don’t Get Shy)

One thing that often separates professional email signatures from the rookie ones is the details shared.

…And this is something we’ve talked about in many other blog posts that don’t have anything to do with signatures.


We get it. You might be embarrassed to share certain details, maybe because you are young or just starting out, and you would prefer if certain things such as profile pictures or website addresses weren’t shown, but if you don’t provide all the details needed, you are making it incredibly hard for someone to trust you…

And trust is one of the biggest benefits of email signatures…if they are done right.

The Socials

This goes back to the last step, but applies even more here!

We get it, you may not want to share your Instagram page with someone because you are afraid they will judge you.

I’ve been there. We’ve been there.

…But what tends to happen is that people respond more favorably, when the socials are included.

Why? As it shows you have nothing to hide, and that creates trust.

And make no mistake, if someone is going to hire you…They will stalk you whether you provide your social media or not, so you may as well do it right away.

Making Your Signatures Stand Out

The issue with email signature generators/creators is pretty simple.

Almost all of them look like emailing is happening in 2005.

And this is where MailTag’s templates and color options come in.

You’ve already seen that you can customize the size and shape of your profile picture, but with MailTag’s email signature creator, you can do much more!

  • You get an option to select from a wide range of colors. (We recommend blue as that’s the most effective color, but you have many choices.)
How to Create Professional Email Signatures
  • Many modern template options.
How to Create Professional Email Signatures
  • Ability to customize the position of your social media icons with drag and drop.
  • Option to remove what you don’t want to show, from showing. (Surprisingly, not that common.)

But the best thing? That we listen to our users and are working on adding even more features to email signatures.

You’ll find out by adding MailTag to your Web Browser.

Dealing With Several Email Signatures

Naturally, your email encounters will differ drastically at times.

If you have two types of companies or specialize in two different things, depending on who you are emailing, you might want to use two different signatures, for the biggest effectiveness.

And that’s where MailTag being built into Gmail comes in so useful.

You can create as many signatures as you wish, and then when in the composer, can select which you want to be sent with your current email.

Email Signature generator

That’s How to Create Professional Email Signatures in 60-Seconds

This guide? It probably took you longer to read than 60-seconds, but the actual method, it will take you less than 60-seconds.

➡️ Add MailTag to your web browser.⬅️

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