Want to know how to change an email signature in Gmail? We aren’t just talking about a one-time email signature change. We are talking about being able to change the signature you use, depending on who you are emailing, in just 2-clicks.

That’s what we are showing in this quick guide.

…Oh and also how to track your email signatures so that you can see when your emails are opened, and which links are clicked on.

How to Change an Email Signature in Gmail

How to Change an Email Signature in Gmail

Traditioanlly in Gmail, you would need to go to your Settings and then manually input a HTML code or text of your signature.

That method works, but comes with the already mentioned huge disadvantage of having to change the email signature manually every time, and that can be very time consuming.

How about creating your signature in 60-seconds, and then changing it depending on your needs, in 5 seconds?

This is where MailTag’s 100% free email signature generator comes in.

Like all other signature tools, it allows you to create a signature, but what separates it from the most that it’s an extension.

…And that means it integrates with your Gmail or G Suite, making it possible to change your email signature in Gmail.

  1. Add the MailTag extension to your Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge Chromium or any other Chromium based on web browser.
  2. Connect your Gmail Account.
  3. Press on the MailTag icon on the top-right of the screen followed by Signatures.
  4. You will now be taken to a Signatures tab of MailTag. Click on Add Signature.
  5. Now the fun part. Start working on your signature.

Once you’ve completed your signature, on the right of the screen, input the name of the signature, and save it.

And now, when in your email composer, at the bottom where all the icons are, click on the second icon from the left. It should be an icon for Signatures.

…From there, you will be able to choose what signature you want sent with your email.

How about the easy switching? Well, if you create more than one signature, then when pressing on the signature icon, you will see those options.

How to Track Your Email Signatures in Gmail

MailTag’s email signatures are 100% free to use, and forever will be.

…But MailTag as a full product is an email tracker and a tool for automatic follow-ups when emails are not opened.

Provided you have the extension enabled (MailTag comes with a 14-day trial), you will be able to track your next emails.

That means you will:

  • See the first time your email is opened.
  • Whenever your email is re-opened.
  • What links on your email are clicked on.
  • The location your email is opened in.

Combine that with advanced insights and the ability to send automatic follow-ups if your email deosn’t get a reply, and well, that’s how you take your email to the next level.

Do’s and Don’t of Email Signatures

There are a few things every email signature needs and that every email signature should not have.

  1. Make sure your profile picture DOES NOT have anyone else in it. It confuses people. It’s about you, and not how cool you are with your friends.
  2. Your profile picture needs to consist almost fully of your face. Email signatures don’t take up the entire screen. If you don’t show your full face, you are making it hard for others to see you, and that kills trust.
  3. Make it easy for your email reciepnts to follow-up with you by providing all the information they need to trust you.

That’s How to Change an Email Signature in Gmail

You don’t want to share your phone number with everyone. As a freelancer you might have more than a few projects you work on, and depending on who you email, you might want to showcase a different one.

There’s many reasons for different signatures, and with MailTag, you can choose the right one in seconds, while at the same time being able to track when and where your emails are opened, and what links are clicked on.

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