“How do I track emails” is one of the most asked questions when it comes to sending emails. Afterall, we all see when someone sees our message on Instagram or Whatsapp, with the only exception to that rule on the internet being email.

Tiop 5 benefits of email tracking, How Do I Track Emails (Opens, Re-Opens, Links Clicked)

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can track emails, why it’s not a standard, and how to make the most out of it.

Why Can’t I track Emails as it is?

You might be wondering why you just can’t track emails right away when you send them.

Two major reasons.

  1. Privacy concerns from people if the likes of Google tracked emails.
  2. It would not be good for the world if there was extra stress created by the fact that someone knows an email was opened resulting in pressure to reply.

The result? You searching for “How do I track emails.”

How Do I track emails: The Solution

To track emails, you are going to need an email tracking extension.

There are a few to choose from, but if you are an email user rather than a newsletter sender, and are looking to:

  1. See when and where your emails are opened.
  2. When emails are re-opened.
  3. What links in your emails are clicked on.

…Then that’s where MailTag comes in as a Gmail/G Suite extension.

But also as a mobile app both for Apple and Android devices, that allows you to see the status of your emails, when away from a computer.

  1. Install MailTag.
  2. Connect your email account.
  3. Send your emails and track.

Once you’ve sent an email and tracked it, once it’s open you will get an email notfication.

Furthermore, if you click on the MailTag icon on the top-right of your browser, and then click on Dashboard, you will be taken to MailTag’s insights dashboard.

There you will be able to see charts about how many emails you’ve sent in a day versus how many were opened, and much more.

How Do I Track Emails (Opens, Re-Opens, Links Clicked)

If you click on inbox and then on an email you’ve sent, you will get all the data regarding the email opened, whether that’s the location, time it was re-opened, or what links were clicked on.

Can I Track Emails That I’ve Previously Sent?

Most people searching for how to track emails are searching because they want to see if an email they already sent got opened.

…That’s not possible.

Tracking emails only works if the email tracking extension is enabled, and only on those emails.

…With that said, if you follow-up on an email you are curious about, you will then be able to see when someone opens that entire email thread.

What Else Can I Do With Tracking Emails Extensions

MailTag is also an email signature generator.

You can create modern signatures within seconds, and because MailTag is an extension integrated with Gmail/G Suite, the signatures you have created will be available directly from your email composer.

Simply click on the second icon from the left, and select the signature of your choice, for the email you are currently sending.

MailTag also makes it possible for you to send automatic follow-ups if your email is not opened.

…Oh, and did we mention that it comes with both an Android and iOS app that allows you to to see your MailTag dashboard and how your emails are doing on your phone?


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