Looking for Google Chrome Web browser alternatives worth trying? These 4 are top-notch web browsers that offer something different.

And we even have a bonus one for you, phone users! ?

Microsoft Edge Chromium

Many have not yet heard of it, but it has been out for almost a year now, and this isn’t just an alternative to Google Chrome, this is perhaps the better version of Google Chrome.

google chrome web browser Alternatives Worth Trying, Microsoft Edge Chromium

…Based on Chromium, the Microsoft Edge Chromium is the replacement to Microsoft’s previous Edge browser.

…We have made a full Microsoft Edge review in the past, but to sum this browser up, it does things better than Chrome, while maintaining the best of Chrome.

It feels very similar, yet, works much faster, with a much lower RAM usage.

And most importantly, since it’s Chromium based, it still brings Chrome extensions.

…Meaning that you can track when and where your emails are opened with MailTag, or that you can create email signatures in 60-seconds, with ease.


Chromium based browsers bring the advantage of Chrome extensions, but another web browser that packs quite a bit of extensions while differing a lot from Chrome, is…Firefox.

This web browser offers you better privacy options than Chrome, while also as of recent, being faster than Chrome.

…Most importantly, while still providing extensions, and a complete different feel than that by Chrome.

Tor Browser

If you are looking for a web browser for work, this is not one of the Google Chrome web browser alternatives worth trying.

google chrome web browser Alternatives Worth Trying, Tor Browser

This browser slows down your internet, doesn’t allow for extensions, and well, not to mention that a lot of websites don’t work on it properly.

….But in exchange for not having all that, this is a web browser that offers the best privacy and safety you can have on the internet.

We are talking full safety on the internet.

That makes it a fantastic web browser if you are a journalist in countries like Bealarus, and for many other tasks that require full privacy.

Opera Browser (Best Browser on the Go)

If you are looking for something somewhat similar to chrome, but that still offers high levels of privacy, that’s where the Opera browser comes in.

It comes with a built-in VPN, built-in ad blocker, but most importantly, with a mode that makes the web browser much more battery efficient when on the go.

And for those working on the go with no sockets around, this is the perfect web browser.

…There is also a way to install Chrome extensions on this web browser, meaning that you can save battery on the go, while still using your favorite extensions like MailTag.

➡️ Add MailTag to your browser now⬅️

BONUS: Kiwi Browser

They say that you can do almost all your work on Android devices. That’s true, but what really separates Chromium based web browsers from all the other web browsers are extensions.

…And sure, the likes of Grammarly have a mobile app, but the reality is taht they are not integrated as well as Chrome extensions are.

That’s where the Kiwi Browser comes in as the only mobile browser currently available that supports the installing of Chrome extensions

It’s not as ideal as on a big screen as most of them are not optimized for phones, but…it works, and in instances when you would like to use Chrome, it does the job.

We’ve made a guide on how to install extensions on Android phones in the past that explains this in more detail.

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