Are you suffering from an overpacked email and want to be more organized? Gmail labels allow for that. In this guide, we go over how to use them easily and effectively and why it matters. So that you can find important emails quickly, remove the ones that don’t matter, and can find which are the most likely to be successful.

Gmail labels, how to use them

Yes, you never have to miss that email from a boss or teammate ever again. With these 4 Gmail labels, you’ll right away take your Gmail to the next level.

Gmail Labels for Filtering Emails from Important Recipients

  • To create Gmail labels you first need to go to settings by selecting the ⚙️icon and pressing on Settings.
  • Next, press on the Filters and Blocked Addresses.
Gmail Labels: How to Use them Easily and Effectively
  • Now press on Create a New Filter.
  • In this example, we are showing you how to organize emails from one person, so we are going to put in the email of our recipient in the “from” box.
  • Next, press on Create Filter.
  • Select the Apply the Label, press on Choose Label, and click on New Label.
  • Name it.
  • At the bottom, you’ll see an: “Also apply filter to matching conversations.” Make sure to select it as it’s vital for your label if you want all the previous emails to be filtered.

Gmail Labels for Emails With Specific Phrases

This next filter is going to be very useful for people, especially if you are in the marketing world and get a big variety of emails.

With this Gmail label trick, you’ll be able to automatically label emails that contain certain phrases that most likely suggest the email is about a specific topic.

For instance, if you deal with a lot of product review requests emails, you can have all the emails about that topic go to one label.

Here’s How to Do This Effectively:

  1. Once again, go to settings of Gmail by pressing on the ⚙️icon and then on Settings.
  2. Just like the last time, also press on Filters and Blocked Addresses and Create a New Filter.
  3. The difference in this example will be that you now input the phrases you want to filter for in the “has the words” area.
  4. You might, for instance, be looking for the word such as “review request.”
  5. Press on Create Filter.
  6. Click on Apply the Label, press on Choose Label, and click on New Label.
  7. Name the label.
  8. Of course, also press on the: “Also apply filter to matching conversations.” text.
Gmail Labels, email labels, using Gmail lablels

The Gmail Label for Removing Unwanted Emails Right Away

Let’s face it…

The majority of our emails you get are not even worth looking at.

This is one of our favorite Gmail labels as while the 2 other ones organize the important emails making you more effective. This one removes the non-important emails making your inbox look much cleaner and thus easier to go through other emails.

Here’s How to Apply This Gmail Label:

  1. In the settings of Chome, just like with the other steps, press on Filters and Blocked Addresses and Create a New Filter. 
  2. Here, once again, use the “has the words” area, but in this case, input a phrase that is likely to be in an email that you don’t want. Such as “newsletter.”
  3. The difference between this Gmail label and other labels? You press on the Skip the Inbox.

Applying this Gmail label will eliminate a lot of unwanted emails right away, clearing up your entire inbox, without necessarily delating it.

Of course, once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to check into there, in case, somehow, an important email did actually make it there.

The Gmail Label for Tracking Emails That Have Been Opened

This last Gmail label doesn’t have to be entirely incorporated into the traditional Gmail label system (although it can) but is crucial for everyone that wants to know which emails have been opened.

For this, you will need the MailTag extension for Google Chrome, which works both with G Suite and Gmail.

Gmail Labels

You simply need to get it from the Google Chrome, connect your account, and then the next time you send an email, with MailTag enabled, when somebody opens it, you will get a real-time notification about that. You will also be aware of what links are clicked in your emails.

The benefit of this label trick? That it allows you to filter yourself which emails you reached out to have a higher success rate, and which need a follow-up that’s customized versus a follow-up that makes someone aware that you sent an email in the first place.

These Gmail Labels will take your Email to the next level

Gmail? It’s best for a reason. It’s simple, yet incredibly advanced with a ton of hidden features such as labels.

Labels not enough? Here are 7 hidden Google tricks in Gmail that will take your work even further in 2020.

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