Yes, you can get free products to review without a big audience, and sometimes without an audience at all if you have enough value to provide and if you pitch right while avoiding some of the common product review pitches.

…Just like you can get no products even with a big following if your pitch isn’t right.

In this article, we are going over how to get free products to review, covering the basics as well as the things you shouldn’t do.

You Getting Free Products to Review Starts with Being Professional

Having a professional email is the first step to getting free products for a review.

Apart from your headline, the first thing your prospect sees is your email address, and if it doesn’t match the organization you claim to be from or who you are, how is the recipient of your email meant to know that you are who you claim to be? 

People that you will be reaching out to have hundreds of emails to reply to per day. They don’t have time to research to see if you are who you claim to be.

If you haven’t already, create an email that doesn’t end with but rather something that relates to your brand. For that, you will need to buy a domain (if you don’t already have one), which can then be connected to G Suite.

Having the Right Contact Details Is the Next Step

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that you should avoid reaching out via a contact form at all means because, in most cases, it’s just hard to follow-up if nobody replies to you, which we’ll discuss later on.

More importantly, whenever you email a company, it’s essential to reach out to the right people, and not to email everyone.


  1. Emailing too many people in the same company will send your email to the spam folder.
  2. Reaching the wrong person might result in them not reading the email, or them just having a glance and ignoring it.

Marketing/Media/Press are the contacts you should be trying to reach if you are looking for the quickest replies.

Not all sites will have these publicly listed, though. That’s where tools like come in. Hunter allows you to find email addresses hidden on websites. 

Pro tip: Don’t send an email to the CEO if there’s a marketing address you can reach out to. That address is there for a reason. Like we mentioned already, it’s essential to reach out to the right people.

The Headline

33% of recipents open emails based on headlines. 

Mentioning the exact product you are looking for is the most crucial aspect of headlines for getting free products for a review.

There are only 2 options for that:

  1. Review Unit of x
  2. Collaboration – x 

Not to Do’s If You Want to Get Free Products to Review

  • Don’t ask for older products due to assuming that if something is older, then it’s cheaper, and thus, a company is more likely to send it to you. Fitbit isn’t going to send you an old Fitbit Charge 2. Companies want to promote their new products, not their old ones.
How to Get Free Products to Review Without a Big Audience MailTag Charge
  • Don’t be indecisive. If you state things such as “…or x if you can’t send that one,” it makes you look like you are just emailing to get free stuff.
  • Stop thinking about you and think about the value a company will get from you reviewing their product. If you are emailing to get a product, but aren’t looking to provide value to a company,  sometimes that will work, but most companies will figure it out.

If looking for more not to do’s, make sure to check our post about the top 5 cold emailing mistakes!

The Perfect Pitch to Get Free Products to Review Without a Big Audience

Let’s break it down:

how to get free products to review

Hey there, 

If you know the name of the person, provide it.

X here from x with a reach of over x people, and we would love to review your x.

In this line, we right away get to the point providing the vital information that companies are looking to see right away.  If you do have a bigger reach, provide a statistic relating to it as it for sure does help a lot when you can back yourself up.

Smartphones are losing….

This line can be used to mention a bit about your platform and how it relates.

One of the problems of the reviews…

Address the problems with other reviews of the product while offering a unique selling point/value that we can provide,  which we’ll discuss in more detail as you continue reading.

If this is a product we are satisfied with…

We provide extra value.

Would you be interested in sending your x?

Very important to clarify that you are for sure, looking for a product.

Here’s some of our content:




Once again, this goes back to the company that you are reaching out to having the right information in front of them. If you provide links to your content, you are making someone’s life easy, and they need to see examples.

…I’ll provide a shipping address in x.

Mentioning your country when pitching for free products for a review is a vital piece of information to be included in the first email because depending on where you are, it might or might not make sense for a company to send a product over.

Your Unique Selling Point

A company needs to see value in sending you a product.

How to Get Free Products to Review Without a Big Audience MailTag products

See this picture? 

If a company were to hire a photographer to travel to Iceland to take it, they would be at least $1,000. Guess how much they paid for it? Nothing. It was proposed to them in the pitch.

That pitch that we showed as an example? It mentioned imagery all over the planet. That mixed with reference to other reviews mostly using renders, got that company to reply within minutes. 

What are you good at that others don’t offer? That’s, in most cases, how you get free products for a review without a big audience. Of course, the higher your audience, the higher the chances, but ultimately it goes down to you providing enough value.

Follow Up

Media/PR/Marketing often deals with hundreds, if not thousands of emails per day.

They get lost.

Some have replies written, but they accidentally never get sent.

And this is where MailTag comes in as a tool that allows you to send automated follow-ups if your prospects don’t get back to you.

How to Get Free Products to Review Without a Big Audience MailTag ping

If you right now give up after one email, you shouldn’t. Only 24% of sales emails are opened, and most just never see your email. That’s why it’s important to follow up.

MailTag also allows you to track how many emails you send daily, but even more importantly, it tells you if your email has been viewed, how many times it has been viewed, and what links people clicked on.

That way you can learn about which links are of interest to companies and why certain companies reply or don’t reply, to then customize your pitches to be their best.

(Make sure to read our post about the Top 5 Benefits of Email Tracking if you’d like to learn more about MailTag!)

To Sum up How to Get Free Products for a Review Without a Big Audience

  1. Have a professional email.
  2. Find the right contact email.
  3. Use the right headline.
  4. Modify our pitch to suit your needs.
  5. Follow-up with the help of MailTag.

And that will vastly increase your chances of getting free products for a review which by the way, doesn’t mean that you will always get free products, or if you will get any at all. This article will only help you if you provide enough value in your content in the first place. If you are looking to get free products online without putting any work in, you won’t be able to get free products.