Want to 10x your success rate with cold emailing? These extensions for cold emailing will save you a ton of time, and allow you to write better emails that get you what you want.


Grammarly is primarily a spelling correcting tool which does save quite ab it of time when writing emails, and does help eliminate embarrassing mistakes (that we all make) that kill your success rate, but recently they’ve added a super clever feature that helps further with email.

Detection of tone.

When doing cold emailing, the tone is often super important. You don’t want to come across as a mean person, you want to provide value, and depending on the email, you might or might not want to be formal.


If you want to 10x your success rate with cold emailing, you need to be heading to the Chrome Store right now to install MailTag.


As right now the emails you send give you no data at all. Right?

All you know is that your email was sent, and then when you get a reply.

MailTag gives you real-time notifications on when and where your emails are opened and lets you know which links were clicked on, giving you insights into your emails.

Extensions for Cold Emailing that Will 10x your Success Rate

These insights allow you to know which parts of your cold emailing works better and which doesn’t, allowing you to write the best cold emails possible.

Add MailTag to Chrome →

And if your emails aren’t opened, MailTag allows you to send automatic follow-ups.

If you aren’t currently sending follow-ups, they are a must.


Most sites don’t openly give away email addresses, often leaving you with customer support which isn’t bad, but when reaching out to big companies, for an email to reach the right recipient, it requires a chain of events to happen, and unfortunately, not all customer support out there is great.

This is where Hunter comes in as an extension that allows you to find emails hidden within a website, right way. Allowing you to reach who you want to reach with your first cold email.

Cold Turkey

One of the main things you may notice when you start using MailTag is that you actually don’t send as many emails as you think.

Cold Turkey comes perhaps the most bizarre name out of this list, but it allows you to focus on sending more emails.


As it blocks out distractions.

Have you ever found yourself thinking about the next email already, while writing an email?

Cold Turkey blocks out apps and websites that you shouldn’t be on when doing your cold emailing.


Find yourself not doing enough of cold emailing, even though you feel like you are spending quite a bit of time on it?

Clockify is a tool for tracking how much you spend on each task.

Why does that matter?

As it allows you to better focus on doing the task you are meant to be doing when tracking your work.

Text Expander

A great cold emailer knows that the key to success with cold emails is to customize the emails.

Gmail Tricks and Tips - Make Your Gmail Better text expander

But while that’s the case, a ton of what we write in emails repeats.

What if instead of writing a full email, you could write 4-5 words and could have a fully customized email made?

Text Expander? It allows you to turn shortcuts into phrases.

Simply write out an intro and give it a shortcut, and from now on, when you type that shortcut, that specific intro will appear.

This has a slight learning curve but is super timesaving in the long run.

Tab Resize

If you are researching and writing an email at the same time, switching between tabs isn’t an effective strategy. Right?

Tab Resize allows you to easily have 2 or 4 tabs open at the same time, with just a press of a button.

Bonus Tip:

Did you know you can actually install Chrome extensions on the new Microsoft Edge Chromium? Now you know. ?

These Extensions for Cold Emailing Will 10x Your Sales

…But that’s if your cold emails are good enough in the first place.

These extensions for cold emailing will for sure speed up the process of writing emails and will allow you to easily write better emails by having data from the likes of MailTag, but they aren’t going to 10x your sales if your cold emails aren’t as good as they could be in the first place.

What Should You Not Do? We made a post about that.

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