Many will experience the most communication in their life, while being college students. And that’s primarily why email signatures for college students make so much sense.

In this quick guide, we go over what an email signature for college students have, and how you can create one in 60-seconds.

And frankly, in many ways, an email signature for a college student doesn’t differ from a business email signature.

Email Signatures, college students

That’s because the overall objectives of both, are similar. To build trust and provide people with details about you.

The Profile Picture

Whether a student or a business owner, pictures create trust.

…And while the picture you have plays more of a role than how you position it in MailTag’s email signature generator, MailTag’s tool will allow you to select the size and shape, to your preference.

Email Signatures for College Students

As a college student, you are going to deal with a lot of people, some which may share the same name

That’s why it’s important that apart from providing your name, in the title/position part, you put in what you are studying, and even the year you are graduating.

Email Signatures for college students are more effective when done that way.

In the address aspect, you can put in where your dorm or place of living is, or what house you belong to.

As far as the phone numbers, as a college student, it might better if you provide an option for someone to schedule a call with you. (You don’t want them to be calling you in the middle of your classes.)

The Colors (Important in Email Signatures for College Students)

In most guides on email signatures, we mentioned that blue is a very effective color for email signatures.

However, when it comes to email signatures for college students, it might be a much better option to select the colors that match your college/university.

Email Signatures for College Students

The Socials

This is a super important aspect for college students to provide, but not something that all email signatures require.

You might not want to share your socials with a professor, but you might want to share your socials with a student. That’s why MailTag’s email signature generator comes in super useful. As it allows for easy switching of email signatures directly from your email composer.

More on that at the end.

How to Track What Links Are Clicked on and When Your Emails Are Opened as a College Student

These two aspects?

Every college student will benefit from it.

Whether it’s knowing if a professor clicked a link you send to your work, or whether it’s knowing someone opened up your email.

How do you do it while creating email signatures for college students?

By using MailTag.

Apart from being a super simple and 100% free email signature for college students tool, MailTag is also an email tracker, meaning it’s a great tool for sending emails.

Here’s some of the things that you will be able to do with it:

  1. Know when and where emails are reopened and re-opened.
  2. See which links are clicked on.
  3. Send automatic replies if your emails aren’t opened.

How to Switch Between Email Signatures

Naturally, as a college student, you are going to be sending emails to different types of people, organizations, professionals, and businesses.

And you might not necessarily want to use the same email signatures in all cases, for obvious reasons of not wanting to share all the same details with everyone.

For instance, it’s for sure not a great idea to share your phone number with everyone.

And that’s where MailTag being built into Gmail comes in so useful.

Simply create several signatures in MailTag’s generator, and then in your composer, when pressing on MailTag’s signature button, select which signature you prefer to use, on your specific email.

Email Signatures for College Students – That’s How to Do Them Right!!!!

Email signatures for college students are a lot like signatures for businesses. Yet, they do differ in some aspects that we went over in this guide, and with the help of MailTag, they will allow you to get the most of out of your email.

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