Email signatures bring HUGE benefits to your emailing, but if you want to get the most out of them, you need to do them right. Here are some of the best email signature examples & how to create them in 60 seconds.?

The Modern Connector

A lot of things in life often require phone calls, but not everybody important is in the US, and inter-continental calls, their prices will make you shake.

That’s why this email signature doesn’t provide a phone number, but instead a What’sApp icon.

That’s a clear indicator that you want to reach people via the internet.

Email Signatures Examples & How to Create them in 60-Seconds

This is a relatively simple signature, but it provides everything one would need to get the benefits of using an email signature, with the most important one being, trust.

  1. Big profile picture (you can adjust it in MailTag’s 100% free email signature generator.)
  2. Clear stating of a role and company at.
  3. Referring to a website.
  4. Providing socials that 1. position you as having nothing to hide + 2. creating trust + 3. making it easy for others to contact you via the internet rather than through the more traditional ways.

The Do Not Disturb

We all know that individual that would just call you without telling you.

Unfortunately, this is much more common than we would assume.

People are rude, and we talked about this in our post about cold emails vs cold calls.

This is where this email signature example comes in.

The main difference between this signature and the first is that instead of providing a WhatsApp or a phone number, you provide an ability for someone to schedule a call with you.

Meaning they won’t disturb your day without letting you know in advance.

The benefit of this is that: You won’t be disturbed at random times, you won’t be put on the spot when called, and that your conversation will go much better.

Email Signatures Examples & How to Create them in 60-Seconds

Here we changed the design of the template which you can do very easily with MailTag’s signature generator.

This specific signature as the rest, are focused on the blue theme, but there’s vast color options to choose from in the generator.

Email Signatures Examples & How to Create them in 60-Seconds

“The Socials are my selling point” – One of the More Modern Email Signatures Examples

Instagram isn’t yet widely shared in email signature examples, and neither are other social media platforms, yet it might be the best way out there to build trust, and increase positive replies, with your email signatures.

And for the likes of photographers and influencers, sharing socials is not only a way to build trust, but it’s also a way to show a portfolio.

Email Signatures Examples & How to Create them in 60-Seconds

…It’s actually possible to also track when links are clicked on so that you can know if your recipient clicked on your Instagram. It’s also possible to know when your email is opened and re-opened.


As MailTag, apart from being an email signature tool, is primarily an email tracker.

  1. Add MailTag to your web browser.
  2. Connect with your email account.
  3. Send emails, and see when your emails are opened, and what links are clicked on.

The Standard Business” Email Signature Example

How to create email signature

This detailed packed email signature example is for those that need to share their location because they expect others to come.

The blue bar on top nicely separates the name, position, and company, meanwhile the likes of phone numbers, addresses, and then social media platforms are added underneath.

How to create these Email Signatures Examples in 60-Seconds

  1. Add MailTag to your web browser.
  2. Connect your email account.
  3. Press on the MailTag icon on the top-right of the screen.
  4. Click on Signatures and then select to start creating a new signature.
  5. You will now be taken to MailTag’s email signature generator.

Once there, you will be easily able to customize your email signature.

Anything you don’t want to be visible, simply remove by using the backspace.

…Anything you want added, add.

You can customize the colors, the sizes of the pictures, the template, and all of that you can do in 60-seconds.

And once done? Save, and open up your Gmail composer, click on the second icon from the left, that’s the signature icon, and select your signature.

…Just like that, you’ve added an email signature to your email, and will be able to track what links get opened, with the help of MailTag’s email tracking tool.

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