There are many ways to go about it, but to get an email signature template that works, you need to get the fundamentals we share in this post.

Email Signature Template that Works

…In this post, we’ll also show you how to switch between signatures in 2 clicks and how to track what links are clicked on.

The Email Signature Template That Works Depends on the Email

If you are a college student emailing someone on campus, using a color scheme of your university will work great. If you are pitching someone, using a blue is more proven as a color that works.

The same applies to the likes of socials.

Sharing your Instagram with a college professor might not be of benefit, meanwhile, you might want to share it with others.

That’s why it’s super important to be able to switch your email signature template right from your email composer.

…Something that MailTag’s email signature generator allows you to do.

Email Signature Template that Works

In your email composer, when pressing on the second icon from the left responsible for signatures, with 2 clicks, you will be able to select which signature you want, sent with your specific email.

The colors example mentioned is also why you should be able to have a wide range of colors to choose from when using.

The Perfect Email Signature Template Requires Social Proof

The purpose of email signatures? Ultimately to build trust by providing your recipients with info about you. Right?

Yet, one of the things most email signatures templates miss is that social proofing.

We get it.

You might not want to share your social media with everyone you email, but let’s think about it in a different way.

Whoever you email, if they are interested, they are going to check out your social media anyway. That’s going to happen.

…So by not sharing your social media, you are just making that process harder, thus discouraging people from getting back to you, while also wasting their time and killing trust.

That’s why the perfect email signature template that works, whether with an older UI or a modern UI like of MailTag’s generator, requires social media mentions.

The Only Way to Know Which Email Signature Template Works is by Tracking

You can’t change what you don’t actually know.

MailTag’s email signature generator? It’s free, forever. But for those that want to take things a bit further, MailTag also comes in as a tool that allows you to track when and where your emails are opened, and re-opened, and for some, even more importantly, as a tool that allows you to know which links are clicked on, giving you advanced data into the type of interest and what interest is generated with specific email signatures.

If your type of clients are more interested in Instagram, that is something to perhaps focus on. If you on the other hand notice that the recipient that clicks on your Instagram doesn’t tend to respond in the way you like, that’s perhaps a sign that you need to do something about your Instagram, or that you need to remove it from your signature.

Having clear data that shows you how people react both to your signatures as well as your overall emails, is the only way to send emails and email signature templates that work.

…As regardless of how much data shows something, that data doesn’t 100% apply to your situation. Tracking your emails gives you data that does apply to your situation!