Looking for an email signature generator for Gmail but also want to be able to track email opens, and link clicks?

In this guide we go over how to:

  1. Generate email signatures in Gmail in under 60 seconds.
  2. Know when your emails with signatures are opened.
  3. See which links in your signatures are opened.
  4. See which links in your emails are opened.
  5. How to follow-up to emails that are not opened.

Getting the Right Email Signature Generator

If you are happy with a basic email signature, then you will find plenty of email signature generators around.

…But to create incredible signatures in Gmail, and ones that you can customize to your liking in the space of 60-seconds, while also being able to track when your emails are opened and what links are clicked on, you will need to get the MailTag extension from the Chrome Store.

MailTag isn’t just an email signature generator, but its email signature generator is completely free, forever.

Simply add MailTag to your web browser, and then connect your Gmail or G Suit account with it.

Using the Email Signature Generator to Create Email Signatures

Once MailTag is enabled, you will see a MailTag icon on the top-right of your screen.

Click on it followed by pressing on Signatures and then on Add Signature.

You will now be taken to the email signature generator which will look something like:

Email Signature Generator for Gmail (That Allows for Tracking Opens & Links)

The left side is where almost all the adjustments take place, meanwhile on the right side, that’s where you got your live preview which will show you exactly how your signature is looking like, right now. That’s also where you have the two arrows to switch between the template of the signature.

email signatures examples show

Let’s start with your profile picture:

  1. You can upload a high-quality image up to 1MB.
  2. By pressing on one of the shape icons, you can change the shape of the picture.
  3. You can customize the size of the image by dragging the slider.

PRO TIP: When uploading a profile picture, use a picture that focuses on your face, and that is only of you. Otherwise, people will have a hard time seeing you, thus killing trust, or won’t know who you are.


After you uploaded your profile picture, this is where your basic info comes in.

The basic, but yet important details that give your email recipient the information they want about you. Such as your position, name, and company.

Don’t want to include something? Click with your mouse, and then click on the backspace to remove it.


If you are a college student, you might want the colors of your signatures to represent your college and MailTag’s email signature generator does offer a wide range of colors to choose from, but other than that, most will benefit most from using the blue color, as that’s a color proven to have the most benefits when using email signatures.


If you want to create trust, there’s nothing that will do it as much in your email signature as providing your socials.


As if you don’t provide them, someone will either search for them to see who you are, as it will seem like you are hiding something…, or they will get discouraged and won’t reply.

That’s why linking to social media is so important.

When it comes to this step, with MailTag, you can easily change the order of the icons. Simply put your mouse towards the left side of a social media platform, and drag up or down.

How to Track Emails Sent With an Email Signature Generator

MailTag’s email signature generator is fully free.

If you want to get the most out of your email signatures though, this is where MailTag’s email tracking features come in.

They will allow you to:

  • Track when your emails are opened and re-opened.
  • Where your emails are opened.
  • Send automatic follow-ups. (More on that later.)
  • Have data on how your emails are doing.

When you sign up for MailTag, you will get 14-days to try our email tracking, and that’s with no need for a card, and those email will right away be tracked, with advanced insights.

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How to Follow-Up to Emails That Are Not Opened

If your email is not opened and you don’t respond, you are drastically decreasing the likelihood of getting a reply.

That’s because 9/10 times when your email is not opened, it’s because someone just didn’t see it, not because they chose not to open it.

Reasons for that?

  1. People don’t work all day and perhaps you sent an email at the wrong time.
  2. Family matters.
  3. A lot of emails to deal with.
  4. A project on a tight deadline.

There’s a ton of reason for why emails are not opened and MailTag, while being a tool that allows you to track that, is also a tool that allows you to send automatic follow-ups in an event an email is not opened.

Simply create your follow-up sequence in MailTag’s dashboard, and when in Gmail’s composer, select to send a

That’s How the Email Signature Generator Works

Want to take your emails to the next level? Signatures are needed, but so is having data.

…and Gmail right now provides no data.

That’s where MailTag comes in.

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