Looking for an email signature generator that’s free? Like 100% free, forever? No catch? With a 60-second setup and with the optional ability for link tracking so you can know what links your recipents click?

Here’s how to create email signatures with MailTag’s email signature generator, for free, forever.

Setting up Your Free Email Signature Generator

There are two ways to go about it.

You can either directly add the MailTag extension to your web browser or you can go to MailTag’s email signatures section, and get started there.

Both will result in the same result and give you a few major advantages over other tools.

With the biggest one being that MailTag integrates directly with Gmail and G Suite.

…Meaning that instead of having to copy and paste your signatures, you can choose them directly from the composer. And that makes it super quick to switch between different signatures, depending on who you are emailing.

Email Signature Generator Free
  1. Get MailTag from the Chrome Store.
  2. Connect it with your account.
  3. Press on the MailTag icon on the top-right of Gmail followed by pressing on the Signatures and then Create Signature.

It Starts With the Profile Picture

In the Email Signature section of MailTag, the very first thing you will see on the top-left of the screen is the profile picture section.

Here you have an option to upload a high-res picture up to 1MB, but also get the option to customize the size of the picture and the shape of it.

To the right of that, you get a “live-preview” where you can see how your email signature looks in real-time with our email signature generator. Underneath that, you also have two arrows to switch between the UI of your signatures.

email signatures examples show

Going back to the left side of this free email signature generator, after the profile picture settings, that’s where you will see the standard options such as your name, position, and much more.

Don’t want something to be in it? Simply press on it and press backspace.

Next, come the colors.

We recommend the blue color as that’s the most effective color as far as the effectiveness of emails (if you write your emails right in the first place), but you do have a wide range of options available to you.

Email Signature Generator Free

Lastly, comes social media.

Vital components of social proofing your emails.

If you want people to trust you and right away know that you are who you claim to be, you need to provide your socials.

You might not want to provide your socials for many reasons, such as for the fact that you might have a negative impact.

…But while you can skip on Instagram, you do need to provide something. If you don’t, people that want to search will search for you anyway. Except, their job will be harder, and they might not trust you.

…And others won’t even try to search for you.

That’s why this email signatures generator also comes with the option to input many social media icons.

How to Track Which Links are Clicked on in your Email Signatures

Want to know when somebody clicks on a link to your social media or website?

If you use MailTag’s email signature tracking version of the Chrome extension, you will be able to do that.

When your account is connected, you will be able to track what links are clicked on, but also when your emails get opened in the first place, giving you a peace of mind that somebody opened your email.

Our Recommendation When Using Our Email Signature Generator For Free

  • Go for a profile picture of only you. Otherwise, you will confuse people. ✅
  • Make sure the picture is of the highest quality possible, and size it big so that your recipient can read it clearly. That will give you a huge advantage as far as trust.✅
  • Select the blue color as it is proven that people will respond the best to it. ✅
  • Provide your social media accounts in your signatures.✅

And if you do that, and use one of the great designs that MailTag’s email signature generator comes with, you will improve your emails, especially considering how many people don’t currently use an email signature.

➡️Add MailTag to your Chrome Store ⬅️

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