Tired of Chrome’s lack of privacy or sluggish speeds regardless of how much RAM you add to your computer? Perhaps you also want a better mobile experience. This post isn’t about 10 Chrome alternatives because frankly, while there are many alternatives out there, there are only a few worthy replacements of the Chrome browser.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Review

The Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft didn’t have the best reputation in the web browser market in the last few years, and it didn’t look like it was going to change.

The browser lacked extensions which were one of the selling points of Chrome and didn’t offer any features that were compelling enough for one to use them.

…And then Microsoft did what no one expected.

They built a browser based on Chromium, the engine that Google Chrome is based on.

The result? A very similar browser to Chrome, that in many aspects beats Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge Chromium is much less resourceful than Chrome.

Chrome Alternatives That Keep Chrome’s Best Features

And it offers much clearer and advanced safety features that can actually make you safe.

Oh, and yes, Chrome Extensions are supported.

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi isn’t going to replace your computer browser, but is a great Chrome alternative for phone devices.

However, what makes the Kiwi browser stands out for most, is the fact that it supports Chrome extensions on the likes of Android devices.

That means that you can know when and where your emails are opened with MailTag, on your mobile devices.

Most emails are sent on a phone. With Kiwi and Chrome extensions, you can make the most of sending emails on a phone.

Tor Browser

When people hear of Tor, they often think “the dark web.”

But if you are looking for complete privacy, the Tor Browser might be the best option out there.

…Depending on how much you are willing to give for privacy.

Privacy often comes at the cost of functionality.

If you block every single tracker possible, you often kill the functionality of websites and apps.

…But if privacy is what you are after, this is the best Chrome alternative for that.


This is perhaps the least “heard of” web browser, but one that is also built on Chromium.

If you are looking for a simpler experience, Vivaldi is the browser that people loved Chrome for back when it launched.

With that said, it still packs everything you love about Chrome, while offering a set of unique features such as a great sidebar for better organization.

And that makes it one of the great Chrome alternatives.

For instance? The sidebar is given more attention.

Since this browser is built on Chromium, you can also install Chrome extensions such as MailTag, meaning that you can track when and where your emails get opened, meaning you can have data on how your emails are doing = more sales/conversion/success

→ Add MailTag to Chrome 


Firefox is the only real competitor to Google Chrome that isn’t built on Chromium.

It doesn’t rock quite as many extensions as on Chrome, but it still boasts a significant number of extensions, while offering a faster, more customizable, and private experience.

…Or Perhaps Keep Your Browser…

There are ways to make Chrome smoother, but there’s something about using Chrome that other browsers often don’t provide.

It’s like that partner that isn’t good for you that you shouldn’t be with, that you stay with because they just have that something in them.

And if you do that, the great thing about Chrome is that there’s an extension for almost everything, including slow Google Chrome.

For instance, The Great Tab Suspender will suspend tabs after 15 mins of no use, allowing your RAM usage to stay relatively low.

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