Looking for the best email location tracking extension? With that meaning the ability to:

  1. See the location your emails are opened in.
  2. Being able to see when your emails are opened and re-opened.
  3. Option to see what links in your emails are clicked in.
  4. Create email signatures in 60-seconds with the ability so witch between them in a space of a few clicks.
  5. With automatic follow-ups in an event your email is not opened.

All of that, and how to take advantage of it, in this best email location tracking extension guide.

The Best Email Location Tracking Extension:

Getting an email location tracking extension in the first place is not an easy task.

G Suite Email Tracking - How to Track Email Opens & Location, Best Email Location Tracking Extension

There are two options. You either try to find out the IP of the sender via manual means that are not very accurate or you get an email tracker with email location tracking option.

…The issue? That there aren’t many location tracking extensions left.

The ones that are available often look suspicous.

And that’s where MailTag comes in as the best email location tracking extension that’s also an email tracker and a email signature generator.

  1. Add MailTag to your Chrome.
  2. Connect your Gmail or G Suite account.
  3. With MailTag enabled, send your email.
  4. Click on the MailTag icon on the top-right of the screen followed by going to your Dashboard.
  5. Press on Inbox, and click on the email you would like to know the location of.

Now you will see where your email is opened everytime it is opened.

…And if your email is being opened in numerous locations, that probably means that it has been forwarded to someone else.

Why is MailTag the Best Email Location Tracking Extension

With MailTag you don’t just get data on when and where your emails are opened. You get insights that allow you to see patterns.

Patterns such as that on certain days your emails get opened more, and that certain subjects lines trigger more responses.

…And when your emails don’t get opened at all, with MailTag, you can send automatic follow-ups to increase the likelihood of an email being opened and replied to.

Not enough? MailTag is also an email signature generator.

Traditonally you would go into a website and then create a signature and copy it into your Gmail or G Suite.

With MailTag, you generate your email signature, and it’s right away available in your email composer. You click on the second icon from the left in your composer, and then select your email signature of choice, making it super simple to switch between signatures.

➡️Add MailTag to Chrome⬅️

The Limitations of Email Tracking Extensions:

Regardless of what email tracking extension you use, there are a few little things that are issues, and that are impossible to eliminate.

  1. People use VPN services to change their location virtually. That means that someone can look like they are in Ireland when they are in Canada.
  2. With certain inboxes, emails are sometimes right away opened (automatically by the inbox) and that results in an email appearing as opened, and with the location showing. The solution? Being aware that if your email is opened withing the first 30 seconds, and the location seems random, that it most likely wasn’t actually opened.

That’s the Best Email Location Tracking Extension

Track your emails with MailTag, but also see them on the go with MailTag’s iOS and Android app that gives you the insights you want, on the go.

That’s what the best email location tracking extension offers.