48% of work time on average is spent on sending emails. In many ways, that makes us all mass email senders. These 9 vital extensions will speed up email sending by not only helping you write faster emails but also by helping you write better emails.

9 Vital Extensions to Speed up Email Sending

1. Text Expander

Most of the emails you send have something in common.

Whether that’s the links you use, the intro you use, or a specific paragraph.

Why not cut out what tends to repeat a ton?

What if you could put in a phrase such as “mail3” which would then turn into 3 links?

Gmail Tricks and Tips - Make Your Gmail Better text expander

That’s what Text Expander does. It turns codenames into extensions.

2. MailTag

Ever wondered what happened after you sent an email? Ever wasted time wondering why someone isn’t replying instead of writing emails?

What if you didn’t have to wonder?

And what if you could know which emails work better so that you can eliminate wasting time on the emails that aren’t going to be successful anyway?

This is where the email tracking tool, MailTag comes in.

With the MailTag Chrome extension, you will know exactly when someone opens your email, what links they clicked on, or where they opened the email.

And if someone never opens your email, instead of you worrying about whether they did and didn’t reply, MailTag can send an automatic follow-up for you.

And yes, it also comes with a dashboard that gives you insights into your email writing.

3. Hunter

Struggle to find email addresses?

Hunter is an email finder.

When on the website of the company/person you want to email, press on the extension and all the emails on that domain will show you.

Not only will you be able to find email addresses faster, but you’ll be able to find the right ones right away, so you can reach the right people from the very first email.

4. Grammarly

Mistakes can hurt results, especially if you make a mistake in your very first email.

On the other side, correcting mistakes takes time.

Our brains love to skip through our mistakes.

9 Vital Extensions to Speed up Email Sending, send email, vital extensions, chrome extension

Grammarly is an extension that spots the mistakes you make and allows you to fix them with a click.

Spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, punctuation mistakes. Grammarly will fix it and speed up your email sending process dramatically.

5. Tab Resize

Researching a client and don’t want to keep switching between tabs as you are writing? Tab Resize allows you to easily split tabs into windows, whether windows of 2 or 4, allowing you to write and research emails much faster.

6. Otter

Hate writing emails? Why not speak them?

Otter is an extension that allows for exactly that.

Not only does it turn text into audio, it uses AI to detect what you were trying to say, if it didn’t catch you quite right, making it the most advanced audio-to-text tool.

7. Emoji Keyboard

Emojis have become a part of our lives, even in emails, often being used as an alternative to the fact people can’t read our emotions in emails, unlike in cold calls.

…But our computers have none of them. ???

There’s no shortcut for them, and while you can search for an emoji on the internet, why not just have an extension for that in front of you?

8. Plan.co

The best way to make sure you are sending your emails on time? By having a schedule.

If you reply to your emails whenever they come in, you aren’t going to be efficient.

You need to be grouping all emailing tasks together so that your brain is the rhythm of writing emails.

And this is where Plan comes in.

9. Stay Focused

Find yourself on other sites when emailing?

We get it. We’ve been there.

The only way to get around this issue once and for all is by not trusting yourself and letting software handle it.

Stay Focused is an extension that blocks access to the websites that you shouldn’t be using when working.

These 9 Vital Extensions Will Speed up Email Sending

Nobody should spend 48% of their workday on sending emails. You can make this process much faster by implementing these 9 vital extensions.

Not just unproductive at writing emails? Make sure to check out our 12 tips for working from home.

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