Remote working is great. Remote working from home is not so great. It’s great to do it every so often, but constant remote working from home can turn bad. That’s why a lot of remote workers end up working in co-working spaces or simply go to cafes.

Remote working from home Hacks (that actually apply right now)

Right now most of us don’t have a choice, and can only do remote working from home, and this is where these 9 remote working from home hacks come in.

1. Get your Dedicated Remote Working Space

Remote working from home isn’t going to work for you if you try to work form your couch or bed.

The great thing about working from home is that you do have that flexibility, but…

With great power comes great responsibility.

Not only will working from a bed or a couch affect your posture, more importantly, but it will also make you less productive.


As our brains link things together.

And it’s safe to say that the tasks we do on our beds and couches aren’t the most productive.

…Meaning that when you work from a couch, your brain might be constantly thinking of Netflix…

2. Optimize Your Email Writing and Replying

An average worker spends about half of their workday on email.

And that’s when most of us are in a more productive environment.

How to Automate Sending Emails & Email Follow-Ups (To Increase Opens & Replies in 2020)

Is there a need for that?

What if you could cut that number by 25% percent? That would save you hours every week.

There are 3 things to doing that:

  1. Focusing just on your emails at a given period.
  2. Knowing which emails work and which don’t.
  3. Sending automatic follow-ups.

Most workers don’t have a given time to respond to emails. They just respond to them whenever they are received.

That’s a super unproductive strategy.

If you are stoping whatever you are doing to reply to any email you receive or even take time to look at it, you are killing your productivity for even 23 minutes each time.

That’s not a great strategy when remote working or when at home.

That’s why you need to schedule a time for your emailing.

You also need to know which emails you send getter better result so that you can send better emails right away, and need to eliminate unnecessary follow-ups out of your day.

This is where MailTag comes in.

MailTag is a Chrome extension that allows you to track how many emails you are actually sending versus how many you think you are sending, but more importantly, it allows you to see when people open your emails and to send automatic follow-ups if your emails aren’t opened.

What does that mean?

  1. You are more likely to send as many emails as you are meant to.
  2. Less time spent on wondering what happened to your emails.
  3. You don’t waste time sending follow-ups to emails that were not opened. MailTag will do it for you.

Ready to spend less time on emailing? Try out the MailTag Chrome extension and see for yourself whether you like it.

(MailTag doesn’t get to read any of your emails as it doesn’t have access to the content itself. If it did, it wouldn’t be in the Chrome Store.)

If you’d like to know more on this topic…

3. Utilize the Sounds of Your Workspace

Whatever your home sounds right now, it for sure doesn’t sound like your workspace.

And that’s an issue.

The lack of the right sounds doesn’t signal to your brain that you are in work mode, making it harder to be productive.

Luckily remote working from home has existed long before coronavirus, and this is where the fellow YouTube geniuses come in with sounds such as:

If you would prefer to have an extension for this, this is where something like Noisli also comes in.

4. Remove All the Distractions

There’s only one way to do it…

By using the right extension…

Trusting ourselves is not a safe option that might work for several hours until it doesn’t.

Utilizing extensions such as Freedom or Stay Focused which allow you to block certain apps or websites for a given set of hours will allow you to get much more work done as you won’t have a choice.

5. Set Boundaries

“Remove all the distractions” also means your family.

It’s great that you are all at home, but we promise you that there’s nothing worse than your family being around you when you are working.

…Unless you set some boundaries.

This is a super important tip as it can ruin an entire day of work if it’s not done.

You need to have a “DO NOT DISTURB” period during your remote working time!

6. Treat It as If You Are in Work

Part of the reason why remote workers choose to work in co-working spaces and cafes is that those two offer the work environment feeling.

..But a lot of the things that these places offer can also be duplicated at home.

For instance… You can dress up to work at home rather than being in a pijama.

Whatever you currently do before and for work whether that’s styling your hair or having a morning cappuccino, do it.

7. Have a Plan

Remote working from home Hacks (that actually apply right now)

If you are just going to random things without a schedule, it will result in random work results.

That means that sometimes you remote working from home will be great, and that sometimes it will be non-existent as you spent too much time doing something completely irrelevant.

Succesful work remoters have their workday figured out.

That doesn’t necessarily mean super complex plans, but it does mean having a plan.

Something you might find useful for this is are extensions like Clockify that allow you to track tie and something like Milanote that allows you to organize.

8. Use Noise-canceling Headphones

This specific tip may not be appliable in all regions in the world right now, but if you can find a way to get a pair of noise-canceling headphones right now, it will make a huge difference.

That’s because while it’s important to add the likes of office sounds, it’s also important to remove sounds around you that are distracting.

In theory, you could play your audio louder, but that is not the goal of the work sounds that are meant to help you with remote working from home.

9. Remove the News (If You Are Reading This during COVID-19 Time)

There’s no more destructive force for working from home right now than the media.

That’s why one of the biggest remote working from hacks is to remove the news, at least during your work time.

If you read them during your work time or before, you will be influenced emotionally.

That’s why, for better or for worse, it’s important to remove the news from your workday.

The already mentioned tips such as apps like Freedom come in very useful here.

These Are the 9 Remote Working from Home Hacks (That Actually Apply Right Now)

There’s a lot of guides being produced on this topic that are unpractical. They are either written by people that have never remote worked or mention tips that are unpractical for this given time.

We didn’t want to do that in this guide.

Found this useful? How about trying out some of our top 14 extensions for productivity.

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