Looking for Gmail tricks that will make your life easier? These 9 Gmail tricks are some of our 9 top favorite hacks that have drastically improved our Gmail workflow.

Not only are we more organized with these tricks, but we also write our emails faster and better.

9 Gmail Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

1. Combine Your Email Inboxes

Operate a bunch of inboxes?

Why not combine them together?

This can be especially useful if you want to cut down on costs of subscriptions that are tied to one email account.

For this, you will need to make your main Gmail client receive emails from your other inboxes, but also will need to be able to act as a different account.

  1. In your less important Gmail accounts, press on the⚙️icon and go to your Settings.
  2. Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  3. Input the email address you want to forward emails to.
  4. Confirm on your main email address.

Now on your main email address, press on the⚙️icon and go to your Settings.

Click on Accounts and on and add an email account you would like to send emails from followed by logging into it.

From now on, when in the composer, you will be able to select who the email is from. One of the many fantastic Gmail tricks we will share as you continue reading.

2. Undo Send your email (Our Favorite of these Gmail Tricks)

Ever realized you made a catastrophic error in your email after you sent your email, whether that’s including the wrong invoice or including the wrong company name in your cold email?

The standard Gmail undo send button allows you to undo send an email for 5 seconds.

That’s often not enough.

…But it’s actually possible to undo send email for up to 30 seconds, giving you enough time to realize your mistake.

  1. Press on the ⚙️icon and go to your Gmail settings.
  2. On the Undo Send tab, you’ll see an option to extend the cancellation period for up to 30 seconds.

Simple, right?

Most of us just never went into our email settings before.

3. Schedule Your Emails

Data shows that time does matter when it comes to sending emails.

Not only are people more likely to open emails in the morning, they also make more favorable decisions before noon.

Not everyone has the time to send emails in the morning though, and this is where a super simple, yet super effective hidden Gmail trick comes in.

In the composer, press on the small arrow facing down on the “Send” button and schedule your email to be sent at whatever time you desire.

There are many other benefits of scheduling emails, though.

For instance, to send yourself email reminders, or to space out your email sending, if you send emails a lot.

4. Track Emails

One of the super useful Gmail tricks is the ability to track emails.

We all know when someone opens our Instagram message, so why not when someone opens an email?


Being able to track emails is both a time saving feature, but also a feature that helps you write more effective emails.

  1. By tracking emails you eliminate worrying about what happened to your email. You just know.
  2. You can write better emails by knowing which emails work and which don’t based on data from your emails.

For this, you will need the MailTag extension.

9 Gmail Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

MailTag is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to track emails in real-time but is also a tool for sending automatic follow-ups for emails that don’t get replies.

(People emailing you that they didn’t see your email, when they’ve been looking at it for a while, that’s the most fun thing to see!)

You can install it from the Chrome store with just 2-clicks, but this extension won’t allow you to track any past emails, which is why you should get it right away, if you want to track emails right now.

5. Know Where People Open Your Emails

It’s also possible to know where people open your emails.

And there are two ways to do that.

One of the most known methods that isn’t entirely effective consists of copying a header of an email into the right website.

That method isn’t always accurate, requires manual work, and even worse, isn’t the safest as you are giving away data to a free website.

And free websites, they are never free…

This is where MailTag once again comes in as also a tool that can track where emails were opened.

  1. Go to your MailTag dashboard.
  2. Press on Inbox.
  3. Move your mouse over the email you want to know the location of.
  4. Press on DETAILS.
  5. View the location of your emails.
9 Gmail Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

We’ve made a guide explaining the 2 methods of location tracking in the past.

6. Always See Your Important Emails by Creating Labels

Ever finding yourself missing the emails that matter?

There’s a Gmail trick for that.

  1. Go to your Settings by pressing on the ⚙️ icon.
  2. Click on Filters and Blocked Addresses.
  3. Press on Create a new filter.
  4. In the “From” section, input the email of an important recipient.
  5. Click on Create Filter.
  6. Press on Apply Label and create a new label.
  7. Also, press on the “Also apply filter to x matching conversations.” email box.

Just like that, you’ve created a label for your important emails.

7. Remove Annoying Emails from Your Inbox

While making sure important emails reach you as soon as possible is important, it’s also important to make sure annoying emails don’t reach you.

There are many ways to remove annoying emails, but in this example, we’ll show you how to remove newsletter emails, but you can apply this in whatever way you find useful.

For that:

  1. Go to your Settings by pressing on the ⚙️ icon.
  2. Press on Filters and Blocked Addresses.
  3. Once again click on Create a new filter.
  4. In the “Has the words” section, input “newsletter” followed by clicking on Create Filter.
  5. Press on Apply Label and create a new label.
  6. Also, press on the “Also apply filter to x matching conversations.” email box.

8. Automatically Follow-Up with Emails

If your emails aren’t getting opened, with the already mentioned MailTag extension, you can also send automatic follow-ups.

Don’t already send follow-ups? It will drastically increase your reply rate as most of the time, people simply don’t see your email, but if you do, automating this process will save you a ton of time.

9 Gmail Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

9. Add Emojis ?

One thing that emails miss is emotions.

It’s very hard to duplicate what voice does right away, in a short email.

That often results in email recipents reading emails in the wrong way.

This is where an Emoji Keyboard comes in. ??

Emojis are the closest things to emotions in an email and a simple Chrome Extension can help you add them.

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