Want to get your emails opened every time? If these 7 tactics don’t get your emails opened every time, your email recipient hasn’t been on the internet for a while, as there’s nothing else that can be done to get your emails opened.

7 Tactics to Get Your Emails Opened Every Single Time

1. Reach the Right People in the First Place

If you are cold emailing absolutely everyone, not only are you wasting time as some people won’t bother to open your email in the first place but even worse you are killing the likelihood of your email reaching the recipents that could respond to you.

Why? As if you are sending emails that are not relevant to the people you send them to, whether that’s them being in a different industry than your email is about, or you offering something that is irrelevant to them, you are making it super likely that you will be marked as spam.

That will result in your email not making it into as many inboxes as it could make it into.

That’s why it’s so important to perhaps send emails to fewer people but to send them to the right people.

It’s also about reaching the right person in a company, though.

Let’s be realistic. You aren’t going to reach the CEO of Microsoft. But you might reach someone a bit lower rank, that can get you what you need, quick.

2. The Subject Line Is Crucial If You Want to Get Your Emails Opened Every Time

What’s the first thing someone sees in their inbox? The subject line of your email.

The context of your email won’t matter if the subject line isn’t right.

47% of emails are now opened based on subject lines, yet if you were to look at how many people ever think about the subject line…

What’s the best subject line?

The answer is simple: It’s a subject line that gets to the point.

On the internet, you’ll see guides that give you sneaky tips such as to use “hey” as a subject line as “it will make the email recipient curious” but while that might work for newsletters, it doesn’t work with busy people that run companies or have projects going on.

They want to see what the email is about, right away.

Do these subject lines make you curious?

Of course not!

And you know, maybe if it was the first time people have used these before, then sure…

But these subject lines are constantly used over and over again.

That’s why just get to the point in your subject line.


3. Use the Right Email Address (One of the Simplest Tactics to Get Your Emails Opened Every Single Time)

If you are using emails with weird numbers or symbols, it’s not going to be considered professional.

And for many, that will be an automatic no!

That’s why it’s so important to use clean and professional email addresses.

Trust is so important. From the very start!

What’s the best thing you can do for this? To get a custom email under your domain.

There’s nothing quite as trustworthy as far as email addresses go as a custom domain.

4. Customize Your Intro

What makes you feel more special? When you get a generic gift or something that applies directly to you?

Apart from your subject line, every email recipient also sees a glimpse of your email.

If that glimpse isn’t direct, you are decreasing the likelihood of your email being opened.

People want to feel like the email is made just for them.

Spend your 5 minutes on finding out someone’s name or just include the company name if you aren’t sure of the name. That few extra minutes of research will take a little bit of your time but it will help you get more emails opened, and that’s why you are here.

5. Send Your Emails at the Right Time

This tip won’t just help your emails get opened every single time, it will also help you get more favorable replies.

Whoever you are sending an email to, make a quick check on where that individual is, and send your email in the equivalent of their morning.

Why? As that means your email will be on the top when your recipient is going into their inbox, reducing the chance of it being missed, but also because mornings are the best time to send an email for a positive outcome.

6. Follow-Up

Sometimes no matter what you do, your email will not be opened.

You can’t make someone that never saw your email see your email out of nowhere.

And this is where follow-ups come in as a crucial tactic to get your emails opened every single time.

If you don’t follow-up, it’s not going to be possible to get your emails opened every single time.

We don’t even need to share stats for why that is.

Do you work all the time? Probably not. You have a family. You take your dog for a walk. You watch a football game.

Emails will be missed, regardless of how great your subject line, email address, and the intro is. Those aspects will vastly increase the likelihood of someone clicking on your email once they see it, but they first have to see it…

This is where the MailTag Chrome extension comes in as a tool for tracking emails and sending automatic follow-ups.

Cold Email Subject Lines That Will Get Your Emails Opened mailtag email tracking email tracker

Whenever you send an email with MailTag, instead of not knowing what happened with it, you’ll see what people are opening your emails, giving you the insights you want, in the first place.

But you’ll also be able to send automatic follow-ups if your email never gets opened, allowing you to reach your email recipient if they don’t initially see your email.

And if they do open your email and don’t reply, with MailTag, you’ll also know their location, allowing you to send your customized follow-up at a more favorable time.

You can install MailTag in less than 60 seconds from the Chrome Store.

(Yes, it’s great to know when somebody opens your email.? )

7. Don’t Just Email

Where are you more likely to see a message first? On an email or social media?

Probably social media, right?

One of the best unknown tactics to get your emails opened every single time is to not just email, but also implement other tactics.

If someone isn’t opening your email, and you let them aware it’s there, they can search for it.

…And then there are people that just don’t like emails.

That’s why it’s important to utilize more than one platform.

These 7 Tactics Will Get Your Emails Opened Every Time

Do you know why we maintain an email open rate of 80% without even sending any follow-ups?

As we apply all these tactics. There’s nothing more to it.

…There is a ton more to it as far as getting a reply though.

These tactics will get your emails opened, but they won’t get you replies on all of them.

For that, your email also needs to be great, and for that, we also have some posts.

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