The right business tools have the power to make your transform your business completely. Whether that’s faster and better transfers, more efficient work, or much better emails.

 Crucial Business Tools

Here are the 7 Most Useful Business Tools that will make your business more effective:

TransferWise (Best of Bussiness Tools for Paying)

If you ever tried to send money to a business or someone outside of your country or even worse, outside of your continent, then you know the issues that come with that.

  1. Transfers to other countries take days.
  2. You lose a lot on fees.
  3. Exchange rate is very poor.

TransferWise solves all these issues.

7 Most Useful Business Tools That Will Make Your Business More Effective, TransferWise

Even when sending to distant regions like Pakistan from Europe, you can get someone to receive the money you sent, in a matter of seconds.

We don’t know of a single bank that can do that across other banks, never mind across banks in other countries or even continents.

More importantly, TransferWise offers incredible exchange rates that save you a ton compared to if you sent directly from your bank.


Traditionally, when you send an email, you don’t know what happens.

Did you ever spend time debating over whether someone opened up your email or your invoice? Instead of focusing on the tasks that will help you get ahead?

MailTag is a 3-in-1 tool for emails that solves that issue.

7 Most Useful Business Tools That Will Make Your Business More Effective
  1. Track when and where your emails are opened.
  2. Know what links are clicked on in your emails.
  3. Know when people re-open your emails.
  4. Send automatic follow-ups if your emails are not opened.

…And since recently, MailTag comes with an email signature generator that is 100% free, forever.

➡️Add MailTag to your web browser ⬅️

An email signature generator that:

  • Doesn’t break.
  • Comes with modern templates that catch attention.
  • Is super easy to customize with wide options of colors, templates, picture shapes, and sizes….
  • Offers Live Preview
  • Is integrated with email allowing you to select which signature you want to send, directly from your composer.


If you want people to find you organically, whether it’s you getting clients or whether you are looking for more reach for your clients, you need to know the right keywords, which are realistic to tackle, and you need to see what the competition is doing.

This is where UbberSuggest comes in as the most useful SEO tool out there.

It’s super simple but comes with a ton of features that are needed to grow organically.

And when you use it, Neil Patel will send you super useful newsletters on how to take things even further.


Not available everywhere, Revolut is an online bank taking the business and consumer world by a storm.


As it focused on providing the features that customers always wanted, that banks didn’t think they needed to provide since no one else provided them.

What does Revolut offer:

  1. Ability to hold several different currencies.
  2. Easy way to control payments/expenses/etc
  3. Easy payments without hidden fees.
  4. Great software that makes banking simple.
  5. Automate your expenses and capture receipts in the app instantly.


How about turning all your meetings into text without having to do anything?

That’s what Otter does.

It’s an AI tool that records what’s been said and turns it into text.

…But it does much more.

For instance, it’s able to right away detect between different voices.


Need to write a blog post? Need to do a newsletter? Sending a pitch?

Grammar matters.

And so does your tone.

And that’s where Grammarly comes in as an AI tool that is not only much more affordable than getting a human to correct, but corrects your writing, right away.

Allowing you to write in ways that are the most effective for you.


Not seeing what work is spent on?

You aren’t working effectively.

At least not as effectively as you could.

That’s because you can’t hack what you don’t track.

Clockify is a super simple and free tool that allows you to track the things you are working on, allowing you to see how much certain tasks take, meaning you can plan your future days more realistically.

…And for some, more importantly, meaning that you can keep on track of the work you are meant to be doing, right now.

Those are the 7 Most Useful Business Tools That Will Save You Time

…But a lot of the time, it’s not the lack of tools that’s the issue. It’s the lack of action.

You can download all the best tools for business out there, but if you are spending time searching for tools instead of working, ultimately, you still aren’t getting ahead.

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