Want to send emails faster and better while being more organized? Here’s 7 crucial G Suite tricks that will do all of that.

7 Crucial G Suite Tricks to Take Your Email to the Next Level

1. Undo Send your email for 30 Seconds(Our Favorite of these G Suite Tricks)

A little mistake in an email?

It can pass.

A wrong name?

There’s no going back to it.

And it happens.

No matter what precautions we take, we will at one point make a super silly mistake that could be avoided.

That’s where one of these super simple, yet crucial, G Suite tricks comes in.

It’s to undo an email.

You might already know that you can do it for 5 seconds, but let’s face it.

That’s not quite enough time.

However, it is actually possible to undo send emails for even up to 30 seconds.

  1. Press on the ⚙️icon and go to your G Suite settings.
  2. On the Undo Send tab, you’ll see an option to extend the cancellation period for up to 30 seconds.

2. Schedule Your Emails

With G Suite it’s also super easy to schedule your emails to be sent later on.

In the composer, press on the small arrow facing down on the “Send” button and schedule your email to be sent at whatever time you desire.

3. Track Emails

One of the advantages of G Suite is that you can also track when and where your emails are opened.

This is not a built-in feature, but a feature that works with G Suite and Gmail.

For this, you will need the MailTag extension.

9 Gmail Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

MailTag is a Google Chrome extension that works both with Chrome and Edge that allows you to track emails in real-time.

You will know when your email is opened, what links are clicked on, and yes, even where the emails are opened.

…And if people aren’t replying to your emails, with MailTag you can also send automatic follow-ups.

4. Know Where People Open Your Emails

We already mentioned that it’s possible to know where people open your emails with MailTag, but here’s how to carry-out this G Suite trick:

  1. Go to your MailTag dashboard.
  2. Click on Inbox.
  3. Move your mouse over the email you want to know the location of.
  4. Press on DETAILS.
  5. Look at the location of your emails.
9 Gmail Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

If you’d like to know more about location tracking, we’ve made a guide explaining the 2 methods of doing it in the past.

5. Find Someone’s Email Right Away

This isn’t a G Suite exclusive trick, but it’s worth mentioning as it will help your G Suite.

An extension called Hunter allows you to find emails hidden within a domain right away.

That way if you are on a site, you can find all the email addresses on that site, even if they aren’t visible to you.

This allows you to not only find email addresses if a site is hiding them, but also to reach the right people, right away.

6. Create Labels for Your Important Emails

Miss a ton of emails?

There’s a super simple G Suite trick for that.

It’s to use labels.

  1. Go to your Settings by pressing on the ⚙️ icon.
  2. Press on Filters and Blocked Addresses.
  3. Click on Create a new filter.
  4. In the “From” section, input the emails from important recipents.
  5. Click on Create Filter.
  6. Press on Apply Label and create a new label.
  7. Also, press on the “Also apply filter to x matching conversations.” email box.

Just like that, you’ve created a label for your important emails.

Labels are a super powerful tool in G Suite that don’t just apply to important emails.

They are also a great tool for removing the likes of newsletters right away.

7. Use an Email Spoofer to Protect Yourself

The more websites you sign up for, the higher the chances of your email being sold.

This is where Burner Mail comes in as a tool that allows you to create burner emails allowing to you protect your main email address.

See that you are starting to receive some weird emails? Remove the burner email that those are getting forwarded through, and just like that, you have eliminated a problem that you otherwise can’t eliminate.

These 7 G Suite Tricks are Crucial

If you want to take your G Suite to the next level, being able to undo, track, label, and remove, it’s crucial.

It will allow you to send better G Suite emails, faster while being much better organized.

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