Looking for the best Opera extensions for productivity? It starts with…

1. Install Chrome Extensions (Allows to Install Best Opera Extensions)

Yes, this is an Opera extension, and it’s the top Opera Extension because it allows you to install Chrome extensions.

The Opera web browser as it is is currently based on the Chromium engine, meaning it does have support for Chrome extensions, but this extension, it enables it, and if you are worried about privacy, it’s an official extension.

…With this extension, you will be able to install all the other extensions mentioned in this guide.

2. MailTag – Track Your Emails Opens/Re-Opens, Create an Email Signature, And Send Automatic Follow-Ups

Ever wondered why somebody is taking so long to reply to your email? Are they taking so much time because they are thinking, didn’t like what you said and are ignoring, or…what if they simply didn’t open?

With MailTag, you will know exactly when and where somebody opens your email and re-opens it, giving you insights into whether someone simply didn’t see, are thinking, or just ignoring.

…And if your email doesn’t get opened at all, you can send automatic follow-ups.

Then there’s also the 100% free email signature generator aspect of it.

With MailTag you can create modern email signatures in 60-seconds, but the great thing about these signatures is that you can switch between them directly from your email composer which is great, as not every email signature is usable for every email.

3. Clockify Track How You Spend Your Time

If you don’t track what you do, you will get random results.

That’s where Clockify comes in as an Opera extension that allows you to track your tasks, giving you insights into how much time you spend on something.

How is it beneficial?

  • By tracking your tasks, you are more likely to stick to them.
  • You will see how you spend your time, allowing you to predict how much certain tasks will take in the future, allowing you to plan better.

4. Grammarly – Avoid Mistakes

Ever made a huge mistake in an email that ultimately cost you a client or made you feel stupid?

They happen, and they will happen.

It’s part of human nature to not see mistakes, well, because our brain skips through them.

Proofreaders? Super expensive and not ideal in today’s world of so much content.

That’s where Grammarly comes in.

Grammarly is an AI grammar and spelling corrector that allows you to write more effectively, faster.

Whether it’s simple spelling mistakes or advanced grammar mistakes, Grammarly sees it and is getting smarter and smarter, with the ability to now reconstruct weird sound sentences, and the ability to detect your tone.

7 Best Opera  Extensions for Productivity

5. Dark Reader

Most of us spend many hours per day in front of a screen.

That’s probably hurting your work, but also your eyes.

Turn Chrome dark extension dark reader, google chrome, 7 Best Opera  Extensions for Productivity

Dark Reader isn’t going to do the magic that blue light blocking glasses will do, but it will help you limit the fatigue of using screens at night by turning the white sections of a website to be dark.

6. Otter

If your work consists of a lot of voice, meetings, or interviews, and you don’t want to play around with transcribing, Otter is a great AI tool that turns voice into text and does it more effectively than any other similar extension, and has a ton of uses if you get creative,

Features like direct uploads of files, ability to convert into captions for videos, or simply recognition of different speakers, make this tool a must, well unless your work hand nothing to do with what we mentioned.

7. Hunter – Find Email Addresses Hidden Within a Website

Ever find yourself wasting time trying to find the right contact information?

Some companies do a great job at hiding them…meaning you have to waste time trying to find one.

Hunter allows you to find hidden email addresses within a site.

Not only does that mean less time spent on finding an email on a website of a company you are pitching, but also that you can reach the right person, right away.

These are the Best 7 Opera Extensions for Productivity

To sum up:

  1. Install Chrome Extensions
  2. MailTag
  3. Clockify
  4. Grammarly
  5. Dark Reader
  6. Otter
  7. Hunter
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